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Anarchists to use peaceful G20 protests as a cover before storming the City

UK Daily Mail [1]
Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Anarchists are planning to storm City banks after posing as protesters during peaceful G20 marches, it has emerged.

Hundreds of activists are hoping to fool police by pretending to be part of legitimate demonstrations.

They will then break off and swoop on London’s financial centre, which they aim to ‘occupy’ for as long as possible.

Revelations of the protesters’ determination to storm the City come as the capital is entering a state of lockdown ahead of Thursday’s summit.


Barack Obama and his wife are due to arrive in London this evening, surrounded by the tightest security. It is their first trip outside the U.S. since he became President.

He will be accompanied by 200 members of the American secret service and joined by another 300 staff so that he can carry on running the U.S. from a distance.

Thursday’s meeting will see world leaders gather at the Excel centre in London’s docklands to discuss the global economic crisis.

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