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Anglers arrested and DNA tested by anti-terror police for using laser pens to scare ducks

Arthur Martin
Daily Mail
Tuesday, March 24, 2009

When Martin Kailus and his friends started to fish by a lake, they made for a trio of unlikely terrorists.

The police, however, begged to differ.

Ten officers raced to their fishing perch and arrested the middle-aged anglers under anti-terror laws.

They claimed the three men were using their laser pens to endanger aeroplanes flying overhead.

In reality, they were merely using the pocket-sized torches – a common device among anglers – to ward off ducks in danger of becoming caught up in their fishing tackle.



Not content with this explanation, the trio were taken to police station where they were interrogated by officers from the ‘terror squad’.

The anglers also had their fingerprints taken and were forced to give DNA swabs.

One of the men was released without being charged after two hours. The other two were forced to spend ten hours in cells before they were released – also without being charged.

Although no further action will be taken, their fingerprints and DNA samples remain on both national databases.

Mr Kailus, 57, of Woodley, near Reading in Berkshire, has branded the police’s behaviour as ‘pathetic’.

‘I was gobsmacked when they said they were arresting us and couldn’t believe it,’ the builder said. ‘I though they were having a laugh. The whole thing was a ridiculous waste of manpower and time.’

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