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Anti-‘Iran war’ rally near White House

Press TV [1]
Sunday, Aug 3, 2008

Anti-war activists have staged a protest in front of the White House against the possibility of an Israel-US war on Iran.

Concerned voters took to the US president backyard and shouted anti-war slogans protesting the US and Israeli threats against Iran.

The protesters chanted Hands off Iran! and Jail to the Chief!. They stopped at Walker’s Point, the summer home of President George W. Bush, to tell the president that attacking Iran would cause major economic hardship.

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The group, who had gathered from all around the world and all over the country, demanded that the US government pull its war plan for Iran off the table.

Anti-war activists were harassed by police for violating boundaries despite the fact that the First Amendment of the US Constitution protects the right for all people to demonstrate peacefully anywhere they please.

Israel was also on top of the protesters’ list, who stated the US and the Israeli threats against Iran are against the international law.

They called a possible war against Iran as AIPAC strategy. One of the most influential lobbies in Washington, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) is an American lobbying group that advocates what it believes are pro-Israel policies to the Congress.