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Anti-Israeli protests continue globally

Press TV [1]
Thursday, Jan 8, 2008

The Israeli incursions into Gaza have triggered protests all over the world with demonstrators calling for an immediate ceasefire.

Public fury at the Israeli violence targeting the residents of Gaza has brought thousands of people in Turkey, Argentina, Mexico, Bolivia, Lebanon and Austria to the streets.


Austrian demonstrators gathered outside the United Nations Office in Vienna to protest Israel’s incursion into Gaza.

Protesters slammed Arab states for their silence toward the Israeli offensive and prayed for Palestinian victory in Gaza.


Protestors gathered outside the Israeli consulate in Istanbul to voice their anger over the attacks on Gaza.

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Demonstrators condemned the Israeli offensive and the bombing of three UN-run schools in Gaza which left scores of civilians dead.




Workers’ Party protesters as well as members of Islamic and leftist organizations gathered outside the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires to voice their anger over the violent attacks on Gaza.

Demonstrators including Head of Argentina’s Labor Party Luis Dalia, leader of the ‘Mothers of Plaza de Mayo’ human rights group Hebe de Bonafini and Head of the Argentine Arab Foundation Alejandro Salomon called for an immediate ceasefire.

Dalia accused Israel of genocide and colonialism, saying, “The Argentine society is against the Nazi Israeli regime.”

Bonafini invited demonstrators to participate in anti-war activities and urged the United Nations to prove that it is not being controlled by the US.


Protestors in Mexico City condemned the massacres in Gaza, carrying pictures of the child victims of the Israeli attacks.


Bolivian demonstrators voiced their anger over the Israeli offensive and asked the international community to stop the Israeli war machine in Gaza.


Thousands of protestors in Kafarkila gathered in southern Lebanon along the Palestinian border and voiced readiness for any potential confrontation with the Israeli army.

Hezbollah commander in southern Lebanon Nabil Qawuq said the Lebanese resistance movement would support Palestinians and would not remain neutral in the present conflict.

Despite pro-Gaza protests across the world, the Israeli regime continues to refuse to stop its attacks on the densely-populated Gaza Strip.

On the 12th day of the Israeli attacks on Gaza, the Palestinian death toll has risen to 710 with 3,700 wounded. The majority of the casualties are women and children.