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Anti-Japan protests erupt in 100 cities in China on Mukden Incident anniversary

Kyodo [1]
September 18, 2012

BEIJING/SHANGHAI — The anniversary Tuesday of a 1931 incident that led to Japan’s occupation of northeastern China fueled anti-Japan sentiment across China, sparking protests in at least 100 cities where people denounced Tokyo’s recent nationalization of the Senkaku Islands claimed by China.

As armed police tightened security around the Japanese Consulate General in Shanghai, about 7,000 protesters chanted slogans such as “Destroy Japanese imperialism,” “Boycott Japanese products” and “Destroy Japan and retrieve Okinawa.”

Some shouted, “Never forget our national humiliation. Never forget 9.18,” referring to the start of the Mukden Incident, or Manchurian Incident, in which Japanese military officers blew up a portion of a Japanese railroad in southern Manchuria, which Japan used as a pretext for invading northeastern China.

About 4,500 gathered around the Japanese Consulate General in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, where the 1931 incident occurred. Protestors hurled stones and bricks into the consul compound, breaking windows. Others burned Japanese flags.

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