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Anti-Net Neutrality Bill Gets Leaked From Waxman’s Office

The Seminal [1]
Sept 28, 2010

Rep. Henry Waxman, Chairman of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, the committe that oversees telecommunications was leaked on yesterday. Now we have a copy of Waxman’s plan to subvert Net Neutrality. Copy of the leaked Bill (in legalese) not yet submitted to congress. [2] Leak Source is techdailydose.nationaljournal.com [3]

Let’s say the internet is made of tubes. This bill gives the tube companies license to start selling premium tubes. Big shiny tubes. However anyone with the misfortune not to partner with the tube company will find themselves stuck in the smaller, collapsing tube system.

For example, Google partnered with the Verizon tube company to use it’s new tubes. Anyone trying to compete with Google, simply won’t be able to.

Waxman, is teaching Republicans a thing or two about whoring for Telecom money. Waxman’s bill would prevent the FCC from enforcing the most important part of net neutrality, that is, standard tube size. The corporate johns, pumping Waxman up with corporate cash, know that there is money to be made here. Read on for an example.

Take a quick description of the streaming video industry, currently in a growth phase. thx dailytech.com [4]

35.7 billion people watched video online in June (up from 19.5 billion in 2009)

Hmmm, exponentially growing by 80 percent or 16 billion people. Yeah. that’s where the money is.

For telecommunications companies to take what used to be public tubes, and twist them into private corporate piggy banks, You need traitorous turncoats like Henry Waxman to sell us out. I would say, fuck you Waxman, but Indeed, he’s already f***ed us all.

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