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Anti-war protester Brian Haw arrested as police clear Parliament Square ahead of Queen’s Speech

UK Daily Mail
May 25, 2010

Anti-war protester Brian Haw was arrested today as police carried out security sweeps ahead of the Queen’s Speech.

Mr Haw was seen being handcuffed by police as they cleared the area outside the Houses of Parliament before the monarch’s visit this afternoon.

He and other peace campaigners have been camping there and maintaining a 24-hour peace vigil.

Police with sniffer dogs moved in this morning to search the ragtag collection of tents in what Scotland Yard said was a ‘standard’ security operation.

Mr Haw, who was wearing a grubby T-shirt declaring ‘IRAQ 2,000,000 DEAD, 4,000,000 FLED, was allegedly trying to stop them when he was arrested. 

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