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APF Leader Exposed As Career Criminal As Hardin Patrols Labeled Unconstitutional

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Founder of private paramilitary force patrolling Montana town exposed as a lifetime crook

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
Thursday, October 1, 2009

UPDATE: Exposed: American Police Force Is A Blackwater Front Group

The mystery surrounding the paramilitary force patrolling the streets of a town in Montana deepened last night after American Police Force founder “Captain” Michael Hilton was exposed as a career criminal and a convicted fraudster who has operated under numerous different aliases.

As we reported this week, Hardin Montana is currently being patrolled by a private organization completely outside the purview of the law as local authorities wait to seal a contract that will also see APF boss a $27 million dollar detention center located in the town.

APF’s founder, Michael Hilton, who ascribes himself the title “Captain” and speaks with an eastern European accent, has been at the center of the controversy after initially refusing to reveal his surname to reporters or even officials he was negotiating contracts with.

It has now emerged that “Michael Hilton” is merely the latest incarnation of a man previously known as Miodrag Dokovich, Michael Hamilton, Hristian Djokich and Michael Djokovich.

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Hilton, who was born in the south-eastern European country Montenegro, is a “convicted felon with a number of aliases, a string of legal judgments against him, two bankruptcies and a decades-long reputation for deals gone bad,” according to an Associated Press report.

Hilton was sentenced to 6 years in jail in 1993 for “Such schemes you cannot believe,” according to Joseph Carella, an Orange County, Calif. doctor, namely a dozen counts of grand theft. Hilton has defrauded numerous different individuals to the tune of $1.1 million dollars over the past 20 years.

“Fraud cases include luring investors into a fake real estate development project, convincing a couple to give him a silver statue worth $100,000 dollars, and pocketing construction funds,” reports KURL 8 News.

Carella expressed his shock that authorities had even entertained Hilton’s proposal to have his paramilitary outfit take over the newly built detention camp while allowing his men to patrol the town.

“I didn’t even sleep last night because of the memories that it conjured up, he’s the reason I had to go bankrupt. I lost my practice, I had some mental issues because of this. He was using up other people’s money, mainly mine, and other people, like a Ponzi scheme,” said Carella.


Hilton’s claim to have advised forces in Iraq and Afghanistan also appears to be a lie, according to the AP.

Both Al Peterson, vice president of Hardin’s Two Rivers Authority, and Becky Shay, the former Billings Gazette reporter who first broke the story but was bizarrely lured to become APF’s spokesperson after she was given a brand new car and a massive pay raise, dismissed questions about Hilton’s criminal past.

Meanwhile, Livingstone State Representative Robert Ebinger told KURL 8 that APF may have violated article 2 section 33 of the Montana Constitution Titled Importation of Armed Persons, which states, “No armed person or persons or body of men shall be brought into the state for the presentation of the peace or the suppression of domestic violence unless the application of the legislature or of the governor when the legislature cannot be convened.”

“They talk about people being able to come in at a moments notice to put forces together and I think if we’re having statements like that made we should figure out who these people are what the deal is over there in Hardin,” said Ebinger.

The FBI refused to acknowledge that they were looking into APF’s occupation of Hardin but said they were aware of the situation.

Alex Jones will be on the ground reporting from Hardin Montana over the next two days to try and get to the bottom of the story and prevent what could be repeated across America, with at least 30 other towns and cities targeted for occupation by APF, if the paramilitary force is allowed to continue its business in Hardin.

The American Police Force is completely violating the Constitution and should be kicked out of the area immediately. No private organization, never mind a secretive paramilitary group headed up by a lifetime crook, should be allowed to conduct law enforcement duties in America.

Watch the two latest reports on American Police Force from KURL 8 News below.

This article was posted: Thursday, October 1, 2009 at 4:47 am

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