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Apple avoids potential $9bn tax bill

Financial Times [1]
May 2, 2013

Apple will avoid a potential tax bill of up to $9bn by using the proceeds from its $17bn blockbuster bond issue to pay shareholders rather than bringing back cash from abroad.

The technology group would have paid as much as 35 per cent in tax to bring that amount of cash back into the US, according to lawyers and accountants.

Apple, which has $100bn worth of offshore cash compared with just $45bn in the US, last month announced it would partly fund a record-breaking $55bn share buyback programme [2]by using money raised in the corporate bond market.

The company will also save around $100m a year from using the debt rather than straight cash. Although the company’s $17bn borrowing from the corporate bond market [3] this week will cost it around $310m a year in interest payments, it will regain about a third of that due to tax deductions.

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