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Destruction of National Sovereignty
JUNE 10 2004
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Blair: If Britain Votes No to Europe, We'll Just Have Another Referendum Until They Vote Yes
Financial Times | April 22 2004

"In other words," said Mr Howard, "if the British people did not vote the way you wanted, you would make them vote again until they did.
Brussels elite accused over 'federalist coup'

Britain will lose control of foreign policy and defence and will be stripped of its sovereign power to legislate in almost all areas of national life, under the draft text of the European constitution. The document establishes the European Union on a "federal basis".
The European Constitution

Read the full proposal for yourself and then decide whether or not it is a complete nightmare federal takeover of sovereign nations.
Britain's criminal law 'will be run by Brussels'

British criminal law will be taken over gradually by Brussels under clauses in the draft European constitution. Letwin accused the Government of misleading the public, saying the detail of the document to be debated by EU leaders this month concealed measures that would erode parliamentary sovereignty.
Back in the USSR for the EU's latest members

What would it take to convince you that the EU is anti-democratic? It has brushed aside "no" votes in Denmark and Ireland. It has refused to accept the result of an Austrian general election. Now it is proposing legislation which could bar Eurosceptic parties from the European Parliament.
Britain could become 'prisoner' of the EU

A tough secession clause in the new European constitution would make it illegal for Britain to leave the European Union without permission.
Blair calls for greater EU powers

Tony Blair proposed a huge increase in the powers of the European Union's key institutions yesterday in an effort to soothe allies and regain the initiative in the Convention on the Future of Europe.
Across the Pond Scum

According to a report in the New Statesman, Britain is about to throw away much of this proud and important legal heritage by eliminating almost two-thirds of all jury trials, allowing a wide range of offenses (including any crime with a maximum sentence of less than two years) to be tried solely by a judge employed by Her Majesty.
Common police force project may follow enlargement

Enlargement of the European Union is set to inject new momentum into European Police cooperation, with Germany suggesting that a common Police force is created to operate across all member states, reports the Danish newspaper Politiken.
Brussels accused of 'police state tactics'
London Telegraph | 23/04/2004

The European Union was accused of using "police state tactics" to stifle criticism after police raided the offices of a Brussels journalist and seized a vast archive of documents identifying his sources.
EU plots travel surveillance system
The Register - 02/05/04

Comment: Just as I said before, the EU's supposed opposition to the US on this issue was just a smokescreen to make everybody go to sleep. Now they're proposing surveillance measures which are GLOBAL and DWARF those of CAPPS II.
'Ludicrous' EU officials ready to ban yogurt

Officials at the European Commission are preparing to ban yogurt from Britain because it does not conform to their definition of a standardised Euro-pudding.
Liberty groups attack plan for EU health ID card

The European Union took its first step yesterday towards the creation of an EU-wide health identity card able to store a range of biometric and personal data on a microchip by 2008.
Plans for single EU driving licence

Plans for a single European driving licence have been unveiled - replacing more than 80 different types currently in use in the 15 EU member states.
EU health chief wants smoking banned in all pubs

The EU health commissioner says he would support a European Union-wide ban on smoking ban in pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants.
EU accused of nudity cover-up plan (this is not about stopping filth, it is about confusing gender roles and attacking the family unit via control of TV)

Germany's top-selling newspaper, Bild, has splashed a picture on its front page of a woman exposing her breasts in a protest against planned European Union rules it says will ban female nude images in the media.
Children pushed off swings by EU

Playgrounds are under threat from EU regulations which condemn most items of equipment that are more than five years old. The warning came after children in the Wiltshire village of Great Somerford were banned from playing on some swings on which there has been no recorded injury in 25 years of use.
Euro-MPs vote for clampdown on vitamin sales

THE European Parliament voted yesterday for a clampdown on unfettered sales of vitamins and mineral supplements, defying a lobbying campaign by the health food industry.
Why all our pigs are having a ball

Farmers throughout the country have 90 days to put a toy in every pigsty or face up to three months in jail. The new ruling from Brussels, which is to become law in Britain next week, is to keep pigs happy and prevent them chewing each other.
Why 'biased' BBC news team stands accused of selling its soul to Euroland

"We are moving towards an oppressive super-state yet the BBC gives us very little real information about it," he says. "It reminds me of Soviet propaganda. It really does."
Euro rules force Church bodies to employ atheists

Thousands of religious schools, charities and organisations could face legal action if they refuse to employ atheists or sack staff who become Satanists under proposed Government regulations.
The Ominous Parallels: Nazism and the EU

The Nazis used referenda to seduce power out of the hands of the people's representatives and concentrate it in the hands of a few. The European Union is the realization of Hitler's dream of a federal superstate.
The Truth About Europe

Many people believe that bigger is both better and safer and anyway they argue the EU is inevitable so why not try to make the best of it. However, when they step back for a moment and carefully consider the EU's policies and their effect on their lives, they are likely to conclude that the EU is very bad news for Britain and that we should get out as soon as possible.