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JUNE 9TH 2004
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• Depopulation
Lesbians Who Terrorised Foster Girls Given Glowing Report by Social Workers
London Mirror | March 11 2004
Popping Pills in Preschool
Wired News - 02/05/04

Anywhere else, her revelation might have been a bombshell. But no one flinched when a child psychiatrist told a conference of parents and counselors last month that she had prescribed antidepressants to children as young as 3-1/2.
California loses track of 33,000 sex offenders

California has lost track of more than 33,000 convicted sex offenders, despite a law requiring rapists and child molesters to register each year for inclusion in the Megan's Law database.
Illinois officials say 201 children missing from welfare system

State officials said Wednesday they cannot account for 201 children placed with foster parents or in treatment centers. Many are teenage runaways, officials said.
Hundreds of sex offenders to go free

San Mateo County prosecutors will be forced to dismiss child molestation charges against six to 10 convicted sex offenders following a U.S. Supreme Court decision Thursday.
Report: State of Florida can't find 103 children missing from care of child-family department

Law enforcement officials still cannot find more than 100 of 393 children reported missing from Department of Children & Families care, a report released Tuesday said.
State child-welfare payroll includes employees who have criminal pasts

Florida's embattled child-welfare agency - the Department of Children & Families - employs at least 183 people who have been arrested and punished for an array of felonies including child molestation, child abuse, sex crimes, drug dealing, even welfare fraud against the agency itself, a Herald investigation has found.
Supreme Court says B.C. school board wrong to ban same-sex books

The Supreme Court of Canada ruled Friday that a British Columbia school board should not have banned books at the kindergarten and Grade 1 level that depicted same-sex parents.
Teaching unions attack plans to fine parents for 'holiday truancy'

Teaching unions have attacked proposed new anti-truancy laws that would see headteachers fine parents who take their children on holiday during term time.
Public to police child sex convicts

PAEDOPHILES will be integrated into the community under radical plans to introduce a "buddy" system for sex offenders.
Parent classes help cut youth offending

New government programmes for the parents of difficult youngsters have cut offences committed by their children by a third, research for the youth justice board published yesterday shows.
New York Post - 02/29/04

The state Health Department has launched a probe into potentially dangerous drug research conducted on HIV-infected infants and children at a Manhattan foster-care agency, The Post has learned.
Young Children and Babies Used as Lab Rats in Drug Trials
London Observer | April 4 2004

Orphans and babies as young as three months old have been used as guinea pigs in potentially dangerous medical experiments sponsored by pharmaceutical companies, an Observer investigation has revealed.
Shot forced on newborn over parents' objections

What was supposed to be a joyous occasion – the birth of their first child – turned out to be an Orwellian nightmare for a young Colorado couple whose newborn was vaccinated for hepatitis B over their religious and philosophical objections, while armed guards stood by to prevent them from intervening.
Forced Drugging Case Headed to Supreme Court

For more than four years, Missouri dentist Charles Sell has waited in a federal prison for his trial on charges of Medicaid fraud, and the delay is attributed to the government's persistent argument that Sell is not mentally competent to stand trial unless he is forcibly drugged.
I Hate You: Vancouver Family Finds Surprising Message In Baby's Toy

Blanche Skelton was feeding her baby when she heard something besides the soothing sound of ocean waves coming from a toy attached to the crib. It was saying, "I hate you."
Women forced to have abortions?
World Net Daily | March 9 2004

Responding to a recent ruling allowing forced abortions, a former judge is petitioning the U.S. Supreme Court to acknowledge a woman's "right to say no."
Government adviser: killing children with defects acceptable
Scotsman - 01/25/04

A GOVERNMENT adviser on genetics has sparked fury by suggesting it might be acceptable to destroy children with ‘defects’ soon after they are born.
Terri's Fight For Life: The Video Clips They Tried to Censor

The following video clips, some of which Terri's family were ordered by the judge not to release, prove that Terri is not in a vegetative state.
She can move and open her eyes, yet a court rules she must die. Why?

For 13 years Terri Schiavo has lain in bed severely brain-damaged, fed by a tube and unable to tell the outside world whether she wants to live or die.
The sickly child that launched Hitler on a path of killing

German historians have identified the family whose request to Adolf Hitler that their blind and deformed son be "put to sleep" was the catalyst for the Nazi euthanasia program.
Bio-ethicist Sparks Furor by Suggesting Abortions of Disabled

Disability advocates and pro-life groups are comparing the process of genetic selection to Nazi eugenics after a scholar from the National Institutes of Health said America would benefit from aborting the blind and disabled.
DARPA seeks to create cyborg servant race

Learning how to build sophisticated electronics and integrate them into human brains could one day lead to cyborg soldiers and robotic servants, he says.
Scientist calls for DNA fingerprinting for all

Everyone should be DNA fingerprinted to help tackle crime and enhance personal security, the inventor of the modern forensic technique has suggested.
Warning on gene 'ID cards'

The complete genetic makeup of individuals could soon be scanned and recorded on a smart card, says a leading scientist.
Will Genetic Engineering Kill Us?

Bioethicists and scientists contemplating the future fear that genetic engineering and other technologies are going to divide human beings into classes that may one day try to destroy one another.
The Clone Wars

Transhumanists embrace genetic engineering as a means to create a post-human species. If they prevail, all human beings may no longer be "created" equal.
New York Post 07/20/02: Michael Relda

The feds are close to winding up an investigating into whether polio vaccines used in the 1950s and '60s were contaminated with a virus that may cause several rare cancers in humans.
Polio Vaccines Are Causing Cancer | June 21 2003

SV40 has been shown to be a potent oncogenic deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) virus and in animal models, the neoplasias induced by SV40 included primary brain cancers, malignant mesotheliomas, bone tumors, and systemic lymphomas.
SV40, Polio Vaccine, and Cancer: Now Beyond Coincidence? | April 27 2002

Researchers have been discussing accusations that contaminated polio vaccine stocks are to blame for certain cancers, based on the publication a month ago of two high-profile papers linking the simian virus SV40 to human lymphomas.
Critics ask why flu shot doesn't match strain:
Mercury in vaccine found to be 250 times higher than recommended | January 20, 2004

The Advisory Committee for Immunization Practices has issued a warning, passed along by the CDC, that "all children aged 6 [months] to 23 months and pregnant women in their second and third trimester" receive the inactive influenza vaccine – which contains a full 25 micrograms of mercury – 250 times the limit the EPA recommends.
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The Depopulation programme and the man made origins of the AIDS virus

In 1977, a secret federal virus program produced 15,000 gallons of AIDS. The record reveals the United States was represented by Dr. Robert Gallo and the USSR was represented by Dr. Novakhatsky of the diabolical Ivanosky Institute.
Minnesota Public Radio

Many people are unaware that Hitler's extermination policies began with the large-scale elimination of people with disabilities. Hitler stole most of his ideas on eugenics from publications originating in the USA.
Burnet's solution: The plan to poison S-E Asia
The Age | 10 March 2002

World-famous microbiologist Sir Macfarlane Burnet, the Nobel prize winner revered as Australia's greatest medical research scientist, secretly urged the government to develop biological weapons for use against Indonesia and other "overpopulated" countries of South-East Asia.
Prince Philip, In His Own Words: We Need To 'Cull' The Surplus Population
Prisonplanet | 10 June 2004

"In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation."
Row over autism link to vaccines
BBC | June 8th 2004

Scientists have raised fears that a mercury-based preservative used in vaccines may cause symptoms of autism.
TED TUNER in an interview with Audubon magazine 1996 - "A total population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal." | 10 June 2004

This could be dismissed as the wisdom of a fool, but Turner owns one of the largest media empires on the planet and donates billions to the UN via his United Nations Foundation. Read more about Turner's "wisdom" here.