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JULY 17th 2004
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Jailed - for showing dislike of US invaders
Sydney Morning Herald - May 31 2004

Hundreds of Iraqi prisoners were held in Abu Ghraib prison for long periods even though there was no evidence that they posed a security threat to US forces, a US Army report says.
'Wedding video' contradicts US denials
London Guardian | May 24 2004

A videotape emerged today apparently showing the wedding party in Iraq that survivors say was attacked by US warplanes last week in raids that killed up to 45 people.
Iraqi Taken to Prison Camp For 'Not Showing His Papers at Checkpoint'
BBC | May 7 2004

One of the Iraqi men who says he was photographed in degrading poses by American prison guards in Abu Ghraib jail is unemployed father-of-five Haydar Sabbar Abed. He told his story to the BBC Arabic Service.
Limbaugh on Torturing Iraqis: U.S Guards Were Just "Having a Good Time"
Media Matters/Paul Joseph Watson | Updated May 7 2004

Hours before President George W. Bush announced plans to address the Arab world to condemn the abuse of Iraqi prisoners by U.S. military personnel at the Abu Ghraib prison, Rush Limbaugh justified the U.S. guards' mistreatment of the Iraqis, stating that they were just "having a good time," and that their actions served as an "emotional release."
Iraqi Taxi Driver Who Stole Wood Gets His Vehicle Crushed by US Troops
Prison | May 2 2004

Another example of how 'freedom' is spreading through Iraq after its 'liberation'. These Iraqis should count themselves lucky that they weren't tortured, urinated on, or made to perform homosexual acts.
US detaining 10,000 Iraqis
Al-Jazeera | March 7 2004

More than 10,000 Iraqi men and boys are being kept in jail by their US occupiers, with the youngest captive being just 11 years old.
U.S. looks into new national ID system for Iraqis
Reuters - 01/29/04

The U.S.-led Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq is looking into the creation of a new, computerized national identity card system there, defense and other sources said on Wednesday.
So Much For Democracy: US Restricts Iraqis Right To Protest
Islam Online - 01/05/04

U.S. occupation authorities in Iraq have imposed strict restrictions on the right of the Iraqi people to demonstrate, particularly in the capital Baghdad, in what Iraqi political analysts described as the real face of sugar-coated democracy clichés.
US torture the innocent while real culprits of Saddam's regime go free
London Guardian - 01/01/04

The families of senior Iraqis captured by the US since the fall of Saddam complained last night that their relatives had been wrongly identified as important members of the regime and that some had been tortured while in custody.
US forces accused of Iraq 'massacre'

The US army came under renewed pressure on Wednesday over its conduct in a battle at the weekend in the central Iraqi town of Samarra, as Iran's senior religious leader accused the American forces of "a savage massacre" in which 54 locals were reportedly killed.
Raid On Arab TV Network Hardly A Democratic Move: Dictators Should Be Only Ones Shutting Down Media Broadcasts

The raid by the U.S.-appointed Iraqi officials on an Arab television network bureau in Baghdad and the ban on its broadcasts hardly fits my idea of how to spread democracy in the Middle East.
U.S.'s 'Iron Hammer' code name 1st used by Nazis

The U.S. military's code name for a crackdown on resistance in Iraq was also used by the Nazis for an aborted operation to damage the Soviet power grid during World War Two.
Shocking images shame US forces

A series of shocking pictures revealing US soldiers tying up Iraqi women and children in their own home has provoked international outrage. The occupying forces have now come under renewed fire for their treatment of ordinary Iraqis as shown in the pictures published today by
Iraqi bound and gagged for protest

US occupation soldiers handcuffed and firmly wrapped masking tape around an Iraqi man's mouth as they arrested him for speaking out against occupation troops.
Up to 15,000 people killed in invasion, claims thinktank

As many as 15,000 Iraqis were killed in the first days of America's invasion and occupation of Iraq, a study produced by an independent US thinktank said yesterday. Up to 4,300 of the dead were civilian noncombatants.
U.S. Raids in Saddam's Hometown Leave Iraqis Angry

U.S. troops lost the hearts and minds of some Iraqis on Tuesday in aggressive pre-dawn house raids in the hometown of Saddam Hussein, blowing open gates, kicking down doors and shoving faces in the dirt.
Robert Fisk: “What is Happening Is An Absolute Slaughter Every Night of Iraqi People”

“If you count the Najaf dead as typical of just two or three other major cities, and if you add on the daily Baghdad death toll and multiply by seven, almost 1,000 Iraqi civilians are being killed every week - and that may well be a conservative figure.”
US recruiting former Saddam agents to battle old boss

The US-led coalition has hired former intelligence agents of Saddam Hussein as it seeks to get tough in the battle against foreign Islamists and loyalists of the ousted dictator, a pro-US faction said.
Skull & Bones Flag Flies With U.S. Troops in Iraq
Christopher Bollyn | April 28 2004

With the Skull & Bones pirate banner flying over U.S. forces engaged in an illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq, it should come as no surprise that nothing but lies comes from the Pentagon.
Iraqi elections cancelled by U.S.

U.S. military commanders have ordered a halt to local elections and self-rule in provincial cities and towns across Iraq, choosing instead to install their own hand-picked mayors and administrators, many of whom are former Iraqi military leaders. The decision to deny Iraqis a direct role in selecting municipal governments is creating anger.
US scraps power to Iraqis plan

In a major shift, United States-led occupation authorities have abandoned the idea of letting a national conference of Iraqis select an interim government, instead opting for a plan that gives the US a more direct role in choosing the country's leaders.
US to 'appoint' new Iraq govt: Officials

United States has scrapped plans for setting up a democratically-elected national conference in Iraq, officials said. Instead, it now plans to "appoint" a 25 to 30-member council, which will "advise" occupation officials on political and economic issue.
First post-Saddam elections cancelled by British

British forces in the Iraqi port of Umm Qasr yesterday cancelled what would have been the first democratic elections in post-war Iraq.
Families live in fear of midnight call by US patrols

In recent weeks there have been increasing reports of Iraqi men, women and even children being dragged from their homes at night by American patrols, or snatched off the streets and taken, hooded and manacled, to prison camps around the capital.
US troops kill two Iraqi protesters

A US soldier has fired into a crowd of Iraqi protesters outside the headquarters of the US-led administration in Baghdad, killing two people. The shooting occurred when a US military convoy passed through a crowd led by up to 2000 former Iraqi soldiers who were protesting at their having been sacked by the new US administration.
American troops shoot children in Iraqi demo

United States soldiers shot back at anti-American protesters, hitting at least seven, including three young boys, after being fired on in a town near Baghdad. A local hospital director said 13 people were killed.
Protesters decry launch of 'model' local council

British occupation forces in Basra have tried to put a new local governing council in place, but thousands of residents who were angry that it was handpicked by the British poured into Basra's streets in protest.
US tries limited elections in Mosul

In a pattern likely to be repeated across Iraq, the members of the interim council will be chosen by an electorate of about 200 prominent local leaders, and ordinary citizens will not have a vote.
Troops fire on protesters: report

US troops opened fire on a crowd hostile to the new pro-US governor in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul today, killing at least 10 people and injuring as many as 100, witnesses and doctors said.
US troops accused of carnage

United States troops opened fire on a crowd hostile to the new pro-American governor in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul yesterday, killing at least 10 people and injuring as many as 100, witnesses and doctors said.
US condemned over Iraq rights

A leading human rights group has criticised US treatment of detainees in Iraq, as the UN opened a workshop focusing on abuses committed by the regime of Saddam Hussein.
2 Iraqis killed as gunfire erupts at another protest

U.S. soldiers shot dead two Iraqis during a protest Wednesday, one day after 13 Iraqis were killed by U.S. gunfire at a demonstration here.
Iraqis protest against US occupation

Anti-US sentiment has flared in Iraq following prayers attended by hundreds of thousands of Iraqis.
US bans media from protests

US forces yesterday tried to stop the media from covering a third day of anti-American protests by Iraqis outside a hotel housing a US operations base, according to a reporter at the scene.
US troops 'shoot civilians'

American soldiers in Iraq today make the astonishing admission that they regularly kill civilians.
Iraqis march against U.S. occupation

About 10,000 Shiite Muslims marched through Baghdad Monday in the largest anti-American protest since the war ended.
U.S. troops accused of shooting more Iraqis in northern city of Mosul

U.S. Marines traded more gunfire with residents of Iraq's third-largest city Wednesday, marking the second straight day of violence in a place that may be a bellwether for the newly occupied country.
Witnesses Say U.S. Troops Shoot Dead Iraqi Man

A 56-year-old Iraqi man was shot dead on Friday by U.S. troops after a U.S. army patrol shoved his car onto the pavement, Iraqi witnesses said.
6 Iraqis Dead In Gas Station Fire, Witnesses Accuse U.S.

At least six Iraqis were killed Thursday, May 1, in a fire at a gas station in central Baghdad, which some witnesses said was ignited by American firing.
US gunfire kills three teens at wedding

US soldiers opened fire on a festive wedding parade earlier this week, killing three teenagers and wounding seven others after the celebrants fired weapons in the air.
Anti-American anger as soldiers search homes

Authorities are trying to keep a lid on things, but in the Iraqi town of Heet it's all too much.
U-S military tells Iraqis to turn in all guns or face arrest

The U-S military is now telling Iraqis they cannot own or sell guns. Any Iraqi who does faces arrest, according to a new radio spot running in the country.
US troops arrest Iraq teenager for insulting them -- "as a warning to others"
Child drug abuse on the rise in Iraq

Some of the drugs were looted from hospitals and found their way onto the streets. Others have come from outside the country, and are more readily available after the collapse of law and order.
Marines to impose Baghdad curfew

The regiment planned to enforce a dusk-to-dawn curfew today in the area it patrols in eastern Baghdad.
Adviser to Bush quits over looting

The head of a US panel on cultural property has resigned in protest at the failure of American forces to prevent the looting of the Iraqi National Museum.
Exposed: Are These US Marines Looting Or Fixing Saddam's Door?
ITV journalists 'killed by US troops'
London Guardian | March 23 2004

Two ITV journalists who went missing in the attack in which veteran reporter Terry Lloyd died were killed by US troops, according to new witness reports.
The Rise of a New Dictatorship in Iraq

The forcible shutting down of the Al-Arabiya news channel in Baghdad is the first act of a new dictatorship shedding its teeth in the increasingly undemocratic Iraq.
Recipe For Terror: Assassinated Reuters Camaraman Uncovered Evidence of Mass US Casualties in Iraq

"Mazen told me by phone few days before his death that he discovered a mass grave dug by U.S. troops to conceal the bodies of their fellow comrades killed in Iraqi resistance attacks," Nazmi said.
Freed Iranians accuse US of torture

Two Iranian journalists with state-run television who were freed by US forces in Iraq after four months of detention have charged they were subjected to "severe torture" while in American custody.
Iran angry at U.S. arrest of journalists

Iran is increasingly angry with the continued detention by the United States of two Iranian journalists arrested while filming an Iraqi checkpoint.
What were they trying to hide? Journalists detained after US military look for photographers of bombing incident

In a fresh attack on reporters covering the occupation of Iraq, two agency journalists were locked up by Iraqi police for several hours on Sunday.
Lloyd killed by US helicopter fire, claims Iraqi

Almost six months after the journalist died, a rescuer has come forward to say he picked him up at the scene of the initial ambush and was taking him to hospital when they came under fire from a US helicopter.
Pentagon Threatens to Kill Independent Reporters in Iraq

" I was told by a senior officer in the Pentagon, that if television signals out of... Baghdad, for example-- were detected by any planes ...electronic media... mediums, of the military above Baghdad... they'd be fired down on. Even if they were journalists ..'
Audio of Kate Adie interview with Irish radio station
US troops 'crazy' in killing of cameraman

Journalists who were with a Reuters news cameraman shot dead by US troops while filming outside a Baghdad prison yesterday accused the soldiers of behaving in a "crazy" and negligent fashion.
Reuters Cameraman Killed For Filming U.S. Graves: Brother

The brother of Reuters cameraman Mazen Dana said he was deliberately murdered for discovering mass graves of U.S. troops killed in Iraqi resistance attacks.
Pressure grows over US killing of journalists

On April 8, two journalists were killed in Baghdad. By this date, only weeks into the conflict, the death toll for journalists in Iraq was an alarming 10, more than double the total killed in the entirety of the first Gulf War in 1991.
Report Says U.S. Did Target Media Outlets In Gulf War II

A newly released report notes that during the coalition air assault on Iraq, Central Command “authorized” bombing strikes against “media facilities” in which a number of journalists were killed and employed weapons that human rights groups want banned.
US deliberately targeted journalists: Pak mediamen

Pakistan's media organizations and journalists on Wednesday alleged the US had deliberately targeted a group of newsmen for objective reporting of the events, taking place in Iraq.
Hotel hit 'deliberate': French TV

Footage filmed by France 3 television of a strike on a hotel which killed two journalists in Baghdad today shows a US tank targeting the journalists' hotel and waiting at least two minutes before firing. The French TV channel had positioned two cameras in two rooms facing the bridge.
Reuters Journalist Killed by U.S. Tank Hit on Hotel

A Reuters journalist was killed and three were wounded in Baghdad on Tuesday when a U.S. tank fired a shell at the media hotel where they were working.
Tank captain admits firing on media hotel

A US army captain has admitted that an Abrams tank under his command fired on the Palestine hotel in Baghdad, killing two journalists, but said he had not been told that the hotel was home to the international press.
Marines search media's Baghdad hotel

Teams of U.S. Marines looked "for unauthorized weapons" and people "not friendly to the United States" in a search Tuesday at a Baghdad hotel that is a home base for many journalists, a military source told CNN's Michael Holmes.
Journalists Are Victims Of War Story

At least one journalist died, another was wounded and three others went missing Saturday in Iraq.
Allied forces might have killed British journalist

A veteran British war correspondent, missing in southern Iraq along with a cameraman and their translator, were presumed dead after being hit by "friendly fire" from allied tanks, according to a newspaper report yesterday.
Troops fire on press vehicle

US soldiers today fired on a car belonging to the American news agency Associated Press, an Agence France-Presse reporter at the scene said.
Al-Jazeera cameraman killed in US raid

An al-Jazeera cameraman has died and another of the Arabic-language news channel's journalists is missing after a coalition bombing raid hit its Baghdad office this morning.
Iraq TV raid may break Geneva Convention

The head of the world's biggest journalists' organisation says a U.S. bomb and missile attack on Iraqi television was an attempt at censorship and may have breached the Geneva Conventions.
Journalists die in US attacks

Tareq Ayub, a correspondent for the Qatar-based Al-Jazeera satellite television station, died of his injuries after a US missile strike on the station's Baghdad offices, the Arabic news channel reported.
Killing of journalists by Americans intentional

Italian daily La Estempa said on Wednesday the killings of journalists in Baghdad by the Americans was deliberate.
Boston Globe Reporter Killed in Iraq

Elizabeth Neuffer, an award-winning reporter for The Boston Globe, died in a car accident in Iraq while on assignment covering the aftermath of the war, the newspaper said.
Media Casualties in Iraq Since the Outbreak of the War

A Reuters cameraman, a Spanish television photographer and an Al-Jazeera TV channel reporter were killed on Tuesday in the latest US bombing of Baghdad, bringing to at least 12 the total number of media casualties since the US-led war on Iraq began on March 20.
Pentagon expels CSM reporter from Iraq for allegedly revealing location

A reporter for The Christian Science Monitor has been ordered out of Iraq after the Pentagon said he revealed the location of a Marine unit during a television interview.
Weapon or camera? US troops can't seem to tell

Three journalists were killed in Baghdad in two separate attacks by US troops yesterday, prompting an outcry about the Americans' judgment.
US troops 'abused' journalists

US troops in southern Iraq detained and beat up two public RTP television journalists from Portugal travelling in the company of two Israeli colleagues after accusing the four of spying, the RTP news director said today.
US Paid Off Army Leaders

Many of Saddam's top military henchmen were secretly paid off and air-lifted to safe havens by US special forces as Baghdad fell. Iraqi troops around Baghdad had slipped away before the US advance, dumping huge caches of arms in the streets behind them.
Iran continues to raise secret deal claim

An Iranian news agency close to top conservative military figures attributed the fall of Baghdad to a secret tripartite agreement between Saddam Hussain, Russia and the U.S.
Sources: Russia might have helped top Iraqi officials get out of Iraq

Al Bawaba has learnt from various sources that Russia might have helped top Iraqi officials get out of Iraq as part of a Russian diplomatic convoy that left Baghdad Sunday.
The Baghdad deal

Much of the world was surprised. After the spirited resistance in the south of Iraq, how could Baghdad possibly have fallen in only two days?
Iraqi Commander Swears He Saw USAF Fly Saddam Out Of Baghdad

Film will soon be made public of an Iraqi Army officer describing how he saw a US Air Force transport fly Saddam Hussein out of Baghdad. The explosive eyewitness testimony was shot by independent filmmaker Patrick Dillon, who recently returned from a risky one-man odyssey in Iraq.
US paper apologises for WMD reports
AFP | May 26 2004

The New York Times has admitted that information it published about Iraq's purported weapons of mass destruction programme was not supported.
Australian government advisor sacked after refusing to write WMD media propaganda
Herald Sun | April 11 2004

A SENIOR Defence adviser has been sacked after refusing to write media briefings that supported claims that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction.
Revealed: how MI6 sold the Iraq war
London Times - 12/28/03

THE Secret Intelligence Service has run an operation to gain public support for sanctions and the use of military force in Iraq. The government yesterday confirmed that MI6 had organised Operation Mass Appeal, a campaign to plant stories in the media about Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction.
Jessica Lynch disputes army account of dramatic rescue

In her first public statements since her rescue in Iraq, Jessica Lynch criticized the military for exaggerating accounts of her rescue and recasting her ordeal as a patriotic fable.
Just a Coincidence? Four of Jessica Lynch's Rescuers Have Died Mysteriously

Eerily enough, four of Pfc. Lynch's rescuers and colleagues have met an early demise.
Many soldiers, same letter: Newspapers around U.S. get identical missives from Iraq

Letters from hometown soldiers describing their successes rebuilding Iraq have been appearing in newspapers across the country as U.S. public opinion on the mission sours. And all the letters are the same.
Amanpour: CNN practiced self-censorship

CNN's top war correspondent, Christiane Amanpour, says that the press muzzled itself during the Iraq war. And, she says CNN "was intimidated" by the Bush administration and Fox News, which "put a climate of fear and self-censorship."
A tale of two photos

You have probably seen the photos of the statue of Saddam Hussein being toppled, and TV footage of jubilant Iraqis rolling the bronze head around, bringing back memories of so many previous popular uprisings – 1989, 1956, 1953...The whole thing was a faked psyops.
The photographs tell the story

Infamous toppling of Saddam statue was a staged media event.
Media accused of aiding U.S. propaganda

It is one of the most famous images of the war in Iraq -- a U.S. soldier scaling a statue of Saddam Hussein in Baghdad and draping the Stars and Stripes over the black metal visage of the ousted despot.
Probe debunks tales of Private Lynch's heroics

The heroic story of Jessica Lynch, the teenage US army soldier rescued from Iraqi captivity in a televised commando raid, has been largely debunked by an official military investigation.
The real 'Saving Pte. Lynch'

The fog of war comes sometimes with a certain odour, and cutting through its layers, like cutting through an onion, can bring tears to the eyes.
So who really did save Private Jessica?

The rescue of Private Jessica Lynch, which inspired America during one of the most difficult periods of the war, was not the heroic Hollywood story told by the US military, but a staged operation that terrified patients and victimised the doctors who had struggled to save her life, according to Iraqi witnesses.
Lynches Say They Can't Discuss POW Rescue

American POW Pfc. Jessica Lynch's parents said Thursday they are not permitted to discuss details of their daughter's capture and rescue in Iraq.
Iraqis Say Lynch Raid Faced No Resistance

Accounts of the U.S. military's dramatic rescue of Pfc. Jessica Lynch from Saddam Hospital here two weeks ago read like the stuff of a Hollywood script.
The lies that led us into war

One key tactic of the British and United States governments in their campaign on Iraq's alleged weapons of mass destruction was to talk up suspicions and to portray possibility as fact.
Bodies of 500 US, UK soldiers lying in Jacobabad (suppressed before war)

Around 500 dead bodies of American and British soldiers killed during military operation in Afghanistan after September 11 blitz have been lying in a morgue at Shebhaz Airbase in Jacobabad.
Foundation Cash Funds Antiwar Movement

The American antiwar movement is decked out with all the elements of the counterculture, but it is getting some very establishment funding.
Bush backer sponsoring pro-war rallies

Many of the rallies, it turns out, have been organised and paid for by Clear Channel Inc - the country's largest radio conglomerate, owning 1,200 stations - which is not only reporting on the war at the same time, but whose close links with President Bush stretch back to his earliest, much-criticised financial dealings as governor of Texas.
How the news will be censored in this war

A new CNN system of "script approval" – the iniquitous instruction to reporters that they have to send all their copy to anonymous officials in Atlanta to ensure it is suitably sanitised – suggests that the Pentagon and the Department of State have nothing to worry about.
Gag order leaves troops, reporters speechless

Before the press was herded into the giant hangar in advance of George W. Bush's pep rally/photo op with the Fort Carson troops, we were given the rules.
Our Luke Was Not Executed

The heartbroken sister of ambushed soldier Luke Allsopp insisted last night: "My brother was not executed." Nina Allsopp hit out at "lies" surrounding his death.
Murdoch's war on truth in war reporting

People who remain to be convinced that cross-media laws are important to maintaining the fabric of our democracy need look no further than today's page one of The Daily Telegraph.
Their master's voice

Rupert Murdoch argued strongly for a war with Iraq in an interview this week. Which might explain why his 175 editors around the world are backing it too.
Crazed US Marines Execute Iraqi and then Cheer: War Crime by US Occupation Soldiers in Iraq Caught on Video.
War may have killed 10,000 civilians, researchers say

At least 5,000 civilians may have been killed during the invasion of Iraq, an independent research group has claimed. As more evidence is collated, it says, the figure could reach 10,000. Completed studies suggest that between 1,700 and 2,356 civilians died in the battle for Baghdad alone.
Civilian deaths in Iraq could be as high as 10,000

American guns, bombs and missiles killed more civilians in the recent war in Iraq than in any conflict since Vietnam, according to preliminary assessments carried out by the UN, international aid agencies and independent study groups.
Minister confirms that cluster bombs were used on civilian areas in Iraq

British troops used cluster bombs in built-up areas during the war in Iraq, the Government confirmed for the first time yesterday.
Air raid kills 50 in Baghdad market

Distraught Iraqis have crowded into a hospital in a northern suburb of Baghdad, comforting or searching for scores of loved ones they say have been killed or injured in an air raid on a busy market. Dr Osama Sakhari said he had counted 55 people killed and more than 47 wounded.
Wayward bombs bring marketplace carnage

The bearded militiaman knelt in the rain and used his gun to shift the earth of the bomb crater. "There is a hand still here in the ground," said Wasim al-Shinmari. "I can't touch it. I'm sorry, but I just can't touch it."
The proof: marketplace deaths were caused by a US missile

An American missile, identified from the remains of its serial number, was pinpointed yesterday as the cause of the explosion at a Baghdad market on Friday night that killed at least 62 Iraqis.
Jazeera shows grisly pictures of dead Iraqis

Al-Jazeera television, quoting Iraqi medics, say that 50 people have been killed in U.S. bombing around the southern Iraqi city of Basra and it has aired grisly footage of dead and wounded civilians.
Bombings kill 48 more civilians south of Baghdad

Forty-eight more civilians, including women and children, have been killed and 310 wounded in US-British bombings around this town south of Baghdad in the last 24 hours, a hospital director revealed.
U.S. says two children killed in Iraq checkpoint error

U.S. Marines said they killed two children at a checkpoint in Iraq on Friday, when the driver of the vehicle in which the youngsters were travelling ignored warnings to stop, creating fears of a suicide attack.
US raid strikes Iraqi hospital

US aircraft hit a Red Crescent maternity hospital in Baghdad, the city's trade fair, and other civilian buildings today, killing several people and wounding at least 25, hospital sources and a Reuters witness said.
US missile hits bus: report

A US missile hit a passenger bus carrying Syrian civilians fleeing the war in Iraq, killing five and injuring 10, Syria's official news agency reported.
Smart bombs aimed at Saddam killed families

An air strike which American spokesmen were confident had killed Saddam Hussein in a Baghdad restaurant missed its target and hit nearby homes, killing at least eight people.
Photos Of Highway Slaughter At Taji

"Human Shield" Returns Home With Images Of Carnage
Missile kills eight Iraqi civilians in Baghdad

Hospital source reports eight civilians killed when missile hit vegetable market at Nahrawan in southern Baghdad.
I Saw My Babies Die

An Iraqi mother wounded in the checkpoint blitz that killed 11 members of her family said yesterday: "I saw the heads of my two little girls come off."
Embedded Photographer: "I Saw Marines Kill Civilians"
Fifteen members of family killed in Apache attack in Iraq: witness

Fifteen members of a family have been killed when their pickup was blown up by a rocket from an Apache helicopter near Hilla south of Baghdad, the sole survivor of the attack said.
'Civilians killed' in Mosul raid

A heavy air raid by US and British coalition forces has killed or wounded more than 50 civilians in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, al-Jazeera television has reported from the scene
POW 'torture photos' investigated

Allegations Iraqi prisoners of war were mistreated by UK troops are being investigated, after photographs allegedly showing the abuse were discovered.
Air strikes kill 17 civilians: report

COALITION air strikes on the southern city of Basra killed 17 Iraqi civilians, including nine children, Arabic news channel al-Jazeera has reported.
My horror at PoW sex abuse pics

The young mum who uncovered the Iraqi PoW sex snaps scandal said last night: “I felt sick to the stomach at those pictures.”
Soldiers accused of beating PoWs

Two British soldiers have been ordered out of Iraq after the alleged beating of Iraqi prisoners of war, the Ministry of Defence has confirmed.
Iraqi POWs 'tortured by British and Americans'

Iraqi civilian prisoners of war claim they have been tortured by British and US troops.
U.S. looks at reopening Iraq-Israel oil pipeline
Pentagon asks Israel about feasibility of reactivating Mosul-Haifa facilities
World Net Daily - 02/07/04
BP and Shell lined up to redevelop Iraq's oilfields

BP and Shell are among a select group of energy majors who are to be invited by the interim Iraqi government to invest in redeveloping the war-torn country's oilfields.
U.S., UK giants get bulk of Iraqi crude

BP PLC and Royal Dutch/Shell Group said yesterday they have each won the right to purchase 2 million barrels of Iraqi crude in what industry sources said was the first sale of crude pumped in Iraq since war ended.
Cheney had Iraq in sights two years ago

Documents released under America's Freedom of Information Act reveal that an energy task force led by vice-president Dick Cheney was examining Iraq's oil assets two years before the latest war began.

Documents turned over by the Commerce Department contain a map of Iraqi oilfields, pipelines, refineries and terminals, as well as 2 charts detailing Iraqi oil and gas projects, and “Foreign Suitors for Iraqi Oilfield Contracts.”
Cheney is still paid by Pentagon contractor

Halliburton, the Texas company which has been awarded the Pentagon's contract to put out potential oil-field fires in Iraq and which is bidding for postwar construction contracts, is still making annual payments to its former chief executive, the vice-president Dick Cheney.
Cheney's Ties to Halliburton: Deferred Compensation Package Counts, Report Indicates

A Congressional Research Service report released yesterday concluded that federal ethics laws treat Vice President Cheney's annual deferred compensation checks and unexercised stock options as continuing financial interests in the Halliburton Co.
Vice president's old firm gets Iraqi oil well contract

The US army said today it had given the main Iraqi oilwell firefighting contract to a unit of Halliburton Co, a firm once run by Vice President Dick Cheney, without any bidding.
US firms get $1.5bn deal to rebuild Iraq

The United States plans to transform the infrastructure of Iraq within a year of a war ending, but has sidelined aid agencies by allocating almost all the funds available to private American firms.
Halliburton job bigger than thought

Halliburton Co.'s $7 billion contract, awarded without competition, to make emergency repairs to Iraq's oil infrastructure also gives it the power to run all phases of Iraq's oil industry, according to U.S. Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif.
Pearle told investors they could profit from war

Pentagon adviser Richard Perle briefed an investment seminar on ways to profit from conflicts in Iraq and North Korea just weeks after he received a top-secret government briefing on the crises in the two countries.
Halliburton's Iraq, Afghanistan Contracts at $600 Million and Growing

Vice President Dick Cheney's former company already has garnered more than $600 million in military work related to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and potentially could earn billions more without having to compete with other companies.
Contracts to Rebuild Iraq Go to Chosen Few

The latest contract was awarded under a waiver the Bush administration granted in January, allowing government agencies to handpick companies for Iraqi reconstruction contracts.
Iraq war 'was about oil'

Oil was the main reason for military action against Iraq, a leading White House hawk has claimed, confirming the worst fears of those opposed to the US-led war.
Iraq-Israel oil pipeline 'to reopen'

Israel's finance minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, predicted yesterday that the British-era oil pipeline from Iraq's northern oilfields through Jordan to the Israeli port city of Haifa would be reopened.
US Admit Plan To Snatch Iraqi Oil Fields

America admitted last night that any attack on Iraq is geared to oil. A senior US defence official admitted the US had secret plans to protect the country's oilfields from Saddam Hussein's revenge.
War propels Exxon profits to record $7bn

ExxonMobil, the world's biggest privately owned oil group and a target of street protesters, celebrated May Day by reporting the largest quarterly corporate profits in history at $7.04bn (£4.4bn).
Iraq war could lead to new world order

Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov warned that the Iraq crisis could lead to the establishment of a new world order, in an article published today in the offical daily Rossiyskaya Gazeta.
War could result in new world order, diplomat says

Much more is at stake in the bitter debate over Iraq than disarming Saddam Hussein because the choices made in countering terrorism will have long-term consequences that could include the emergence of a new international order, a veteran diplomat said Thursday.
US begins secret talks to secure Iraq's oilfields

The US military has drawn up detailed plans to secure and protect Iraq's oilfields to prevent a repeat of 1991 when President Saddam set Kuwait's wells ablaze.
Powell Admits Iraq Evidence Was False
BBC | April 3 2004

US Secretary of State Colin Powell has admitted that evidence he submitted to the United Nations to justify war on Iraq may have been wrong.
British officers knew on eve of war that Iraq had no WMDs
The Scotsman - 02/04/04

British intelligence officers learned on the eve of the Iraq war that Saddam Hussein had not assembled his chemical weapons and it was highly doubtful if he could deploy any within 45 minutes.
US officials knew in May Iraq possessed no WMD
London Observer - 02/01/04

Intelligence sources, policy makers and weapons inspectors familiar with the details of the hunt for WMD told The Observer it was widely known that Iraq had no WMD within three weeks of Baghdad falling, despite the assertions of senior Bush administration figures and the Prime Minister, Tony Blair.
Rice admits US doubts on WMD
London Guardian - 01/30/04

The national security adviser, Condoleezza Rice, one of US president George Bush's most trusted lieutenants and a strong advocate of the invasion of Iraq, made the concession during a series of interviews on major American news programmes.
Cheney backs away from Iraq WMD claim: report
London (AFP) - 01/28/04

A British newspaper reported Wednesday that US Vice President Dick Cheney had backed away from asserting that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction, despite repeatedly making such claims before the war against Saddam Hussein's regime last year.
Bush Backs Away from Iraq WMD Certainty
Reuters - 01/27/04

President Bush on Tuesday dropped his previous certainty that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.
Iraqi who gave MI6 45-minute claim says it was untrue
London Guardian - 01/27/04

As the foreign secretary, Jack Straw, was once again forced to defend the justification for going to war, the Iraqi exile group in London which claims to have supplied MI6 with the intelligence about Saddam's 45-minute capability admitted that the information might have been completely untrue.
Ashcroft: War Justified Even Without Iraqi WMD
Associated Press - 01/26/04

Saddam Hussein's past use of "evil chemistry" and "evil biology" and the threats they posed justified the war in Iraq even if no weapons of mass destruction are ever found, U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft said Monday.
Powell says Iraq might not have had banned weapons before the war
Associated Press - 01/24/04

Secretary of State Colin Powell acknowledged Saturday that former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein may not have had the massive weapons stockpiles that the Bush administration claimed before it went to war to topple his regime.
Saddam's WMD never existed, says chief American arms inspector
London Independent - 01/21/04

David Kay, who stood down yesterday as head of the Bush administration's hunt for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, said that he did not believe that any stockpiles of such weapons ever existed.
US SOLDIERS TO AMERICA: We’re Dying For Oil And Corporate Greed!''

"That asshole went AWOL and never showed up for duty and then he has the nerve to take us into two different wars that will be going on for years."
Journo claims proof of WMD lies

A television report by Pilger aired on British screens overnight said US Secretary of State Colin Powell and National Security Adviser Condoleeza Rice confirmed in early 2001 that Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein had been disarmed and was no threat.
U.S. weapons hunters find no evidence Iraq had smallpox

The Associated Press has learned from senior military officers that U-S weapons hunters in Iraq have found no evidence Hussein's regime was making or stockpiling smallpox.
Diplomat: U.S. knew uranium report was false

A former U.S. diplomat said Sunday he told the Bush administration that Iraq had not tried to buy uranium from Niger in the late 1990s to develop nuclear weapons.
WMD just a convenient excuse for war, admits Wolfowitz

The Bush administration focused on alleged weapons of mass destruction as the primary justification for toppling Saddam Hussein by force because it was politically convenient, a top-level official at the Pentagon has acknowledged.
No WMD Found: Indefinite delay on weapons report

The US and Britain have decided to delay indefinitely the publication of a full report on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction. The London-based Sunday Times newspaper said inspectors had found no evidence any such arms exist.
US: 'Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction'

The Bush administration has admitted that Saddam Hussein probably had no weapons of mass destruction.
UK war dossier a sham, say experts

Downing Street was last night plunged into acute international embarrassment after it emerged that large parts of the British government's latest dossier on Iraq - allegedly based on "intelligence material" - were taken from published academic articles, some of them several years old.
Downing St dossier plagiarised

The government's carefully co-ordinated propaganda offensive took an embarrassing hit tonight after Downing Street was accused of plagiarism.
Iraq weapons dossier 'rewritten'

A dossier compiled by the government on Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction was rewritten to make it "sexier", a senior British official has told the BBC.
Bush planned Iraq 'regime change' before becoming President

A secret blueprint for US global domination reveals that President Bush and his cabinet were planning a premeditated attack on Iraq to secure 'regime change' even before he took power in January 2001.
Downing Street 'told spy chiefs to rewrite dossier six times'

Intelligence chiefs were asked to rewrite the controversial dossier on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction at least six times, it was claimed yesterday.
A War Crime or an Act of War?

The truth is, all we know for certain is that Kurds were bombarded with poison gas that day at Halabja. We cannot say with any certainty that Iraqi chemical weapons killed the Kurds. This is not the only distortion in the Halabja story.
America tore out 8000 pages of Iraq dossier

The United States edited out more than 8000  pages of Iraq's 11,800-page dossier on weapons, before passing on a sanitised version to the 10 non-permanent members of the United Nations security council.
Allies hushed up weapons' destruction

The highest-ranking defector ever to turn informant on Saddam Hussein’s government told United Nations weapons inspectors in 1995 that Iraq had destroyed all its chemical and biological weapons stocks after the Gulf war.
America's weapons evidence flawed, say spies

Present and former CIA officials, quoted in The New York Times and The New Yorker magazine, claimed that a small number of powerful neo-conservative ideologues in the Pentagon were so determined to prove the existence of a banned weapons programme and links to al-Qaeda that they manipulated intelligence.
Found Iraqi Intelligence Bogus: Investigative Journalist

After the U.S. and Britain were shown to be providing bogus "intelligence" documents to the U.N. Security Council to proved Iraq's weapons of mass destruction program, the world's media is now being fed a steady stream of U.S.-found Iraqi "intelligence" documents from the rubble of Iraq's intelligence headquarters.
Public was misled, claim ex-CIA men

A group of former US intelligence officials has written to President Bush claiming that the US Congress and the American public were misled about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction before the war.
Pentagon 2002 Study Reported `No Reliable' Data on Iraq Weapons

A U.S. Defense Department report in September 2002 found "no reliable information'' proving that Iraq had chemical weapons, even as Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld was saying the country had amassed stockpiles of the banned arms.
Official explodes key WMD claim

Downing Street doctored a dossier on Iraq's weapons programme to make it "sexier", according to a senior British official, who claims intelligence services were unhappy with the assertion that Saddam's weapons of mass destruction (WMD) were ready for use within 45 minutes.
Intelligence fooled again, this time by crude forger

Evidence linking Iraq to a nuclear weapons program appears to have been fabricated, the United Nations' chief nuclear inspector said in a report that called into question United States and British claims about Iraq's secret nuclear ambitions.
MPs react with fury at 'flimsy case' for invasion

The row over Tony Blair’s case for war with Iraq intensified yesterday after one of his own ministers admitted a key government claim about weapons of mass destruction was based on a uncorroborated information.
Reports of weapons 'greatly exaggerated'

Why have American and British Forces not found any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? The most plausible answer is that there are none.
Revealed: truth behind US 'poison factory' claim

Yesterday, however, it emerged that the terrorist factory was nothing of the kind - more a dilapidated collection of concrete outbuildings at the foot of a grassy sloping hill. Behind the barbed wire, and a courtyard strewn with broken rocket parts, are a few empty concrete houses. There is a bakery.
Revealed: the secret cabal which spun for Blair

Britain ran a covert 'dirty tricks' operation designed specifically to produce misleading intelligence that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction to give the UK a justifiable excuse to wage war on Iraq.
CIA pressured into linking Iraq, terror

Analysts claim that the drive from the Bush administration to connect Saddam's regime with al-Qaeda was so great they exaggerated the evidence.
Experts scorn Saddam link to al-Qaeda

An expert on international terrorism yesterday backed the findings of a British intelligence report which concluded that there was no evidence to show Iraq was supporting al-Qaeda.
Leaked report rejects Iraqi al-Qaeda link

There are no current links between the Iraqi regime and the al-Qaeda network, according to an official British intelligence report seen by BBC News.
Rumsfeld urged Clinton to attack Iraq

Donald Rumsfeld, the US defence secretary, and his deputy Paul Wolfowitz wrote to President Bill Clinton in 1998 urging war against Iraq and the removal of Saddam Hussein because he is a 'hazard' to 'a significant portion of the world's supply of oil'.
SAS trained on Iraq's border a year ago

Australia's SAS were training near Iraq more than a year ago, honing their skills in reconnaisance, sabotage and close combat and tutoring the locals in the arts of special operations warfare.
Australian case for Iraq war was 'fabricated'

The Australian government "skewed, misrepresented, used selectively and fabricated" the intelligence used to justify its decision to send troops to Iraq, a parliamentary inquiry in Canberra was told yesterday.
MI6 'told ministers Iraq was no threat'

Robin Cook and Clare Short have said MI6 told them Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction did not pose an immediate threat.
Rumsfeld 'offered help to Saddam'

The Reagan administration and its special Middle East envoy, Donald Rumsfeld, did little to stop Iraq developing weapons of mass destruction in the 1980s, even though they knew Saddam Hussein was using chemical weapons "almost daily" against Iran, it was reported yesterday.
U.S. Had Key Role in Iraq Buildup

High on the Bush administration's list of justifications for war against Iraq are President Saddam Hussein's use of chemical weapons, nuclear and biological programs, and his contacts with international terrorists. What U.S. officials rarely acknowledge is that these offenses date back to a period when Hussein was seen in Washington as a valued ally.
US helped as Saddam plotted chemical attacks, report says

The US conducted a covert military campaign to help Iraq during its war with Iran, despite knowing that Baghdad intended to use chemical weapons in a number of battles, according to a report in the New York Times.
Britain's dirty secret

A chemical plant which the US says is a key component in Iraq's chemical warfare arsenal was secretly built by Britain in 1985 behind the backs of the Americans, the Guardian can disclose.
Revealed: 17 British firms armed Saddam with his weapons

SEVENTEEN British companies who supplied Iraq with nuclear, biological, chemical, rocket and conventional weapons technology are to be investigated and could face prosecution following a Sunday Herald investigation.
List of companies who supplied Iraq with components for production of chemical and biological weapons
How the CIA found and groomed Saddam

US forces may now be searching high and low for Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein but in the past he was seen by US intelligence as a bulwark of anti-communism, reports UPI.
Ex-U.S. official says CIA aided Baathists

Roger Morris, a former State Department foreign service officer who was on the NSC staff during the Johnson and Nixon administrations, says the CIA had a hand in two coups in Iraq during the darkest days of the Cold War, including a 1968 putsch that set Saddam Hussein firmly on the path to power.
April Glaspie's Mission to Allow Saddam to Invade Kuwait

From a translation of Iraq's transcript of the meeting, released that September, press and pundits concluded that Ms. Glaspie had (in effect) given Saddam a green light to invade.
How US helped Iraq build deadly arsenal

Donald Rumsfeld, the US Defence Secretary and one of the most strident critics of Saddam Hussein, met the Iraqi President in 1983 to ease the way for US companies to sell Baghdad biological and chemical weapons components, including anthrax and bubonic plague cultures, according to newly declassified US Government documents.