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Baby-eating art show sparks upset

A controversial UK TV programme featuring a Chinese artist apparently eating a stillborn baby has received a number of complaints from viewers.
Bread and Circuses

Mass entertainment focusing on emotional and sensory stimulation has put Americans in danger of suffering the fate of the Romans, who entertained themselves into oblivion. What Huxley understood more acutely than Orwell is that it is easier to enslave a people by seduction than by coercion.
Channel Four criticised over cannibalised baby show

Channel Four has been accused by TV watchdogs of showing a "lack of respect for human dignity" over a programme which showed a Chinese artist eating the flesh of a dead baby.
Channel 4 will show performance artist eating baby

Channel 4 has been accused of sensationalism over a decision to broadcast a programme that will show a performance artist eating the flesh of a dead baby.
Children 'having sex at 11'

More than a quarter of 11-year-olds in the UK know someone their age who is having sex, according to a new survey. The charity, Marie Stopes International, commissioned the study of 1,077 children aged from 11-15.
Feminists joke about roasting babies

"Roast baby?" "Baby margaritas?" "Bloody baby marys?" These are the sassy intrigues of participants in a discussion about abortion on the website of an international feminist magazine.
Government urges under-16s to experiment with oral sex

A government-backed course is encouraging pupils under 16 to experiment with oral sex, as part of a drive to cut rates of teenage pregnancy.
Horror dolls threaten Barbie

Barbie and Ken will have to watch their backs as a new generation of ghoulish and violent "urban toys" challenge their cosy pink suburban world. American toy manufacturers are turning to ghetto culture, urban style, rap music and horror to create toys for America’s new street-smart children.
Playboy and the (Homo) Sexual Revolution

The essence of manhood is to lead and support a family. But in 1972, 3 out of 4 male college students got their ideas about masculinity from Playboy, at an incalculable price to themselves, women, children and society.

The maverick German professor who caused a storm with his public autopsy has revealed he wants to exhibit corpses having sex.
Sabrina, Harry and the Web Help UK Paganism Grow

Paganism and the ancient art of witchcraft are on the rise in Britain, experts said on Thursday as the summer's most celebrated Pagan festival approached. Television, the Internet, environmentalism and even feminism have all played a role in the resurgence, they say.
Satanic TV Saturday Night

These shows assume they are 'oh so daring and chic.' For them, sophistication consists in trampling on whatever scrap of custom, innocence or human dignity remains in society. They are perpetually at war with "repression" earnestly indulging every sexual urge, and pointing at their toilet accidents like proud toddlers.
Sex advice agency gives 11-year-olds free condom

Children as young as 11 are being given free condoms by a well-known health agency today and urged to practise putting them on - by using a banana.
'Sexy' children's underwear withdrawn

A department store chain has withdrawn "sexy" underwear aimed at girls as young as seven after complaints from parents.

An academic has called for children to be shown porn videos and adult literature as part of their sex education. Retired university lecturer John Wilson said schools should provide the "erotic education" to make the children better lovers in later life.
UNESCO: Strangle This Monster in Its Crib

Unless Congress regains a modicum of sanity, the United States of America is about to rejoin an organization dedicated to the destruction of the last vestiges of Judeo-Christian civilization.
Unmentionable Vice Goes Mainstream

Homosexuality’s rapid rise from unmentionable vice to celebrated minority status is part of a campaign to subvert Judeo-Christian culture.
When It's Cool to be Evil

He was referring to the new video game craze, "Grand Theft Auto --Vice City" which allows impressionable teens to pretend they are psychotic gangsters. They become ex-con "Tommy Vercetti," a Darwinian survivor in a pitiless hedonistic Vice City.
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For Adults Only?

Sexy thong underwear. Brassieres festooned with rhinestones. Breast enhancement pills. Products targeted at young, body-conscious women? Try teenage — and even pre-teen — girls.
Sex lessons for five-year-olds 'should be compulsory'

Compulsory sex education for five-year-olds will be demanded today by government advisers on teenage pregnancy, as an essential step towards halving the under-18 concep tion rate by 2010.
Gloria Steinem: How the CIA Used Feminism to Destabilize Society

In the 1960's, the elite media invented second-wave feminism as part of the elite agenda to dismantle civilization and create a New World Order. Gloria Steinem became a media darling due to her CIA connections. MS Magazine, which she edited for many years was indirectly funded by the CIA.
Destroying the Family
Sexualizing Our Children
Culture of Death
Sick Art
Bread and Circuses
Morality Meltdown

The culture war waged by America’s liberal elite has taken our society far down the road to perdition. But it is not too late to turn back.
Age of consent examined in Channel 4 sex series

Channel 4 is to examine whether the age of consent should be lowered to 14 in a series of programmes devoted to teenage sex, it said yesterday.
Channel 4 criticised over Six Feet Under adverts

Adverts for the Channel 4 series Six Feet Under, featuring a range of morbid beauty products, have been criticised. More than 100 complaints were received by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) after a promotion appeared in magazines, as inserts in newspapers and on the internet.
Exorcist calls for crusade against occult

AN EXORCIST yesterday called for a ‘crusade from the pulpits’ against the growing power of the occult. Father Jim McManus said paganism and witchcraft were intertwined with evil and needed to be stamped out.
Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix - "It's only fantasy" and other deceptions

"The story of Harry Potter is an allegory: It is written and packaged to look like fantasy when, in truth, it is a carefully written true description of the training and work of an initiate in an occult order.... The story line aligns with real occult books written by Gavin and Yvonne Frost, who, themselves, run the foremost school of witchcraft in the British Isles."
Sex scenes and vulgarity increase on British television

When British police flew to Greece last week to help investigate a brawl that left one young British vacationer dead, they had an idea who one of the culprits might be: British television.
Celebrity Worship Syndrome: Is America’s Obsession With Stardom Becoming Unhealthy?

After surveying more than 600 people, Houran's team of researchers from universities in the United States and Britain recently identified a psychiatric condition they have dubbed "celebrity worship syndrome."
Attack on children's cartoon sex guide

A cartoon booklet showing primary school children how to pleasure themselves sexually was published yesterday by a Government-funded charity.
Christina Aguilera says it is OK for girls to be whores and sleep with many different men

"I find it completely unfair that a girl who likes sleeping with different boys is called a slut whereas a boy who gets lots of girls into bed is seen as a stud and a hero."
Would you want your teenage daughter to read this? No way, says outraged Geldof

Yesterday, one parent, a father of three teenage children, hit back. And he is not just any parent. Bob Geldof, the rock star and charity hero, compared the publications to grown men who get sexual thrills from underage girls.
Happy Halloween? Goulish Festival, Favorite of Children, is Rooted In Paganism

On 31 October, spooky beings and superheroes, cartoon characters and rubberized celebrities will line the streets and mall hallways of America anticipating sugary rewards. Compelled by shouts of "TRICK OR TREAT," children of all ages will again tote receptacles of various size and weight harboring the result of the nights hunt. It's called Halloween. And while for most of us it is a harmless annual activity, its roots run deep in ancient paganism.
The Legitimizing of Porn

In the realm of the pornographic what was once considered lewd, crude, and socially unacceptable in American society is being legitimized.
JUNE 19 2004
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La Sexuale, the Media, Behaviour Modification and Depopulation
Lex Gerrard, MA BA (Hons) - 01/14/04

On the surface, it might seem ironic to suggest that there is a relationship between increased sexual voracity in a culture and depopulation. But, this essay will outline how sexual imagery and nuance in the media (advertising, television, the movies, etc.), here called "la sexuale," could be used to create particular social effects, and may ultimately lead to depopulation
Against Moral Relativism
Jesse Ogden - 01/28/04

Pure moral relativism has always been an easily refuted and fallible philosophy. Moral relativism, in its purest state, would condone all behavior, no matter how many rights are violated or what the consequences are.
Magazine for 13-year-old girls signs deal with condom makers
London Telegraph | March 7 2004

A magazine aimed at girls as young as 13 has been criticised as "irresponsible" for accepting a commercial deal to promote condoms to its readers.
6-Year-Old Boy Raised by Homosexuals Wants to Kill Himself
New York Post | May 30 2004

He punches and kicks his teachers, hits and bites himself, curses and says he wants to kill himself as often as twice a month, according to the new report, completed in January by NYU's Child Study Center.
Oral sex lessons to cut rates of teenage pregnancy
London Observer | May 9, 2004

Encouraging schoolchildren to experiment with oral sex could prove the most effective way of curbing teenage pregnancy rates, a government study has found.