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JULY 15th 2004
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Bonesman Taft attends Bohemian Grove: 1905 article
Washington Post | July 6th 1905

The Grove is where the Skull and Bones boys become men.
Skull And Bones At Yale

There are secrets that George W. Bush guards at least as carefully as any entrusted to a president. He's forbidden to share these secrets even with the vice president -- secrets he has held ever since his days as an undergraduate at Yale.
Skull and Bones: The Anglo-Saxon Ruling Elite

Two part German documentary on the secret satanic cult of which George Bush is a member. Includes an interview with the late Anthony Sutton.
Secrets of the Tomb’: Skull and Bones, the Ivy League, and the Hidden Paths of Power

Inside a cold, foreboding structure of brown sandstone in New Haven, Conn., lives one of the most heavily shrouded secret societies in American history.
Yale's Secret Society Exposed: Alexandra Robbins on MSNBC 'Today' show (video)

Robbins has been allowed to hit the mainstream circuit and whitewash Skull and Bones while making a lot of money in the process. She contradicts herself by saying that Skull and Bones did finance Hitler whereas this is denied in her USA Today article.
Ron Rosenbaum's 1977 Esquire Magazine Skull and Bones article

Take a look at the hulking sepulcher over there.  Small wonder they call it a tomb.  It's the citadel of Skull and Bones, the most powerful of all secret societies in the strange Yale secret-society system.
Short segment from a Skull and Bones ritual

Taken from Ron Rosenbaum's New York Observer Expose.
SPIKED!: CNN Refuses to Run Connie Chung's Skull & Bones Broadcast

The program--billed at CNN's Web site to air 8:00pm ET, September 4, did not materialize; in its place was a story of a murder trial in Florida.
Structures of power, secrets and publishing

What we have here, in other words, is the Eastern Liberal Establishment rampant, holding sway over the poor doofuses in the flyover states through the power of association, expressed in arcane rituals as varied as the drinking of ``blood'' from the skull-shaped ``Yorick'' to seal one's membership in Skull and Bones, or the manner of achieving entrance to the New York nightspot of the moment.
Skull and Bones membership list 1848 - present
White House 'Bonesman' leads nation into the dark

Bonesmen have long helped Bush; he received a fair chunk of his early business financing from them and turned to them for help when he needed a job, investors and campaign assistance. Even his baseball-team purchase involved at least one Bonesman.
Bush admits Skull and Bones membership in his own autobiography

"My senior year I joined Skull and Bones, a secret society, so secret I can't say anything more. It was a chance to make fourteen new friends."
CBS 60 Minutes: Bush's Skull and Bones Society

There are secrets that George W. Bush guards at least as carefully as any entrusted to a president.
Behind the sacred walls of Yale's secret societies

While the past three presidents hold Yale degrees, two of them are members of one of Yale's more infamous secret societies: President George W. Bush, DC '68; and his father, former President George H.W. Bush, DC '48.
George W., Knight of Eulogia    Part 1    Part 2

A rare look inside Skull and Bones, the Yale secret society and sometime haunt of the presumptive Republican nominee for President
Skull and Bones in Bush's Foreign Policy Closet

Amidst the debate over the impending US-led war against Iraq, some European media, mostly in Italy and Germany, took note of the publication of Secrets of The Tomb: Skull and Bones, The Ivy League and The Hidden Paths of Power.
At Skull and Bones, Bush's Secret Club Initiates Ream Gore

It’s the primal scene of American power, of Bush family values. For two centuries, the initiation rite of Skull and Bones has shaped the character of the men who have shaped the American character, including two Presidents named Bush.
George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography

Chapter -VII- Skull and Bones: The Racist Nightmare at Yale: Out of those few who were chosen for Bones membership, George was the last one to be notified of his selection--this honor is traditionally reserved for the highest of the high and mighty.
Kerry is related to King Harald

TV2 Norway - 22nd April 2004

The Democrat’s president candidate John Kerry is related to King Harald of Norway, and according to one expert, royal relation ensures that he will win the election this fall.
Russert again quizzes Kerry on Skull and Bones
Meet The Press | April 20 2004

Rush Limbaugh In a Flap Over Skull and Bones Caller | March 9 2004

Listen to the audio. First Rush insinuates he doesn't know what Skull and Bones is but when the caller displays a good grasp of the facts Rush has to acknowledge Skull and Bones and then try and whitewash it.

Bush Bones connected to Kerry Bones
Boston Globe | April 13 2004

In her 2002 book, "Secrets of the Tomb,'' Alexandra Robbins speculated that the 2004 presidential election might pit Bonesman George W. Bush (Yale, 1968) against Bonesman John F. Kerry (Yale, 1966.) Good call!

Keepers of the crypt:
Yale's Bonesmen swear they'll carry the secrets of Bush, Kerry and their other brothers to the grave
Baltimore Sun | March 23 2004

Presidential hopefuls have long feared the skeletons in their closet. But this year's contenders may have reason to rest easy: If they've got skeletons, at least some are safe in the hands of their fellow Bonesmen.

It is a Bonesman who will win the next US elections
Welcome to a fraternity that has its hands on the levers of US power
Asia Business Times | March 23 2004

IT is October and the US presidential election's first televised debate between Senator John Kerry and George W Bush is under way. Suddenly, someone shouts out 'Skull and Bones', whereupon the two candidates silently leave the room.

Secrets and ties of the Bonesmen
Scotsman | March 20 2004

Secret societies have a problem; they depend on publicity to earn their mystique. The Skull and Bones Society at Yale University need have no fears on that front at least.

Bush's Skull and Bones Sleepovers
MSNBC | March 11 2004

Fundraisers and campaign donors aren't the only ones who've been sleeping over at the White House lately: so are some of George W. Bush's buddies from his Skull and Bones days.
Bush, Kerry belong to Yale’s elite secret society
The Daily Bruin (UCLA) | March 9 2004

When voters go the polls in November to elect a president, the two major candidates they can choose from will have a windowless tomb, secret initiation rites and a private island on the St. Lawrence River as part of their personal histories.
Yale grads Kerry, Bush share bond of secrecy
Palm Beach Post | March 8 2004

In the spring semester of their junior years at Yale University, John Kerry and George W. Bush were tapped on the shoulder and abruptly asked: "Skull and Bones, accept or reject?"Both answered, "Accept."
Kerry will be king, says royal poll theory
The Advertiser (Australia) | March 8 2004

IF ROYAL genes have any influence, John Kerry looks destined to dethrone George W. Bush in November's US presidential election.
Bipartisan Bonesmen
The New American | 03/02/04

The two leading contenders for the U.S. presidency are both members of Skull and Bones, one of the oldest secret societies in America. Why is this not a major election-year issue?
Skeleton key to the White House
London Guardian - 02/24/04

"The Hangman equals death, The Devil equals death, Death equals death!"
It's weird to think that the two men who are now contesting the most powerful job in world politics, both apparently went through an occult ritual that involved dressing-up and chanting the words above, prostrate in front of a fellow student wielding a butchers' knife and dressed in animal skin.
Alex Jones Exposes the Bush-Kerry Skull and Bones Link
Alex Jones show - 02/11/04

Video clip from Alex's TV show exposing the fraud that is the 2004 election
Bush keeps mum about secret society
AFP - 02/10/04

US President George W. Bush discussed Iraq, the November elections and the war on terrorism in an interview broadcast Sunday but laughingly stonewalled a question about his university secret society.
Bush Quizzed on Skull and Bones by Russert on Meet The Press
Meet The Press - 02/09/04

The response to questions on Skull and Bones is almost identical to that of John Forbes Kerry when he appeared on the same show weeks earlier.
The secret society that ties Bush and Kerry
London Telegraph - 01/02/04

Revelations that leading candidates for the US presidency were "Skull and Bones" members have provoked claims of elitism. Charles Laurence reports from New York
The Skull and Bones Connection
MSNBC | March 12 2004

This MSNBC piece aired yesterday and features a 7 minute segment on the Bush-Kerry Skull and Bones connection and also an interview with the author Robbins. Mainly a laughalong whitewash but what else can you expect?
Kerry made his Bones in secret club - like Bush

Sen. John F. Kerry expounds on many issues in his presidential campaign, but he's completely silent on one topic: his membership in Skull and Bones, Yale's infamous secret society. "John Kerry has absolutely nothing to say on that subject. Sorry,'' said Kerry spokeswoman Kelley Benander.
John Kerry admits to Skull and Bones Membership on 'Meet The Press': In this video you will hear Senator John Kerry admit, on American National television show Meet The Press, that he is a member of The Secret Society named 'Skull & Bones'.