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November 18 2004

Hello Alberto!

And you thought Ashcroft was bad.

November 21 2004

I'm White

Now white people want to ape the culture that is destroying blacks.

November 23 2004

Animal Farm

Everyone must have integrity apart from those that say everyone must have integrity.

November 25 2004

Happy Thanksgiving

From the Bush administration.

November 28 2004

North Korea

Yeah that's right, Iraq was the big problem.

November 29 2004

Why Not Just Come Straight Out With It

One of our readers didn't beat around the Bush with his represetation of what the Orlando Bush billboards really mean for America.

December 2 2004

Here We Go Again

Different country, same old lies.

December 6 2004

Fallujah 2004

They created a wasteland and called it peace.

December 9 2004

Zip It Up

Bush makes a fool out of himself for the gazzilionth time.

November 22 2004
December 17 2004

That's Courage!

Something a little more light-hearted for a change.

December 15 2004

Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of War Drums

This music video depicts the sheep-like mentality of humanity and how easy it is to lead us to slaughter.

December 10 2004

Let's Start A War

"They never stop thinking of new ways to harm our country... and neither do we."

New American Century

It's not fascist, it's neoconservtive!

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