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Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Police State Poster Boy

Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County Arizona is the best example of everything that's wrong with the police force today. He is the epitomy of the way in which police are being trained to see the general public as their enemy.

Below are a small selection of articles which underline this. More will undoubtably be added. Lord Arpaio has officially been put on notice - we are watching you.

Green Pool Owners Could Face Fines, Jail

The sheriff’s air posse members will be flying over neighborhoods across the valley. They will use their aircraft for a mission that’s strictly related to spotting green pools. They’ll fly in fixed wing, helicopters and experimental aircraft, the air posse pilots will fly with spotters and carry cameras.

Drug dogs could be checking schools (Arpaio pushes random drug tests)

"What I would like to see, and what I’m going to push, is parents and principals getting together and doing some random drug testing, on the idea that kids will not be expelled or disciplined if they test positive."

Sheriff orders fingerprinting when traffic citations issued

Arpaio said the new procedure is designed to ensure the person who committed the offense is the same person being charged with a crime in the courtroom.

Public Servants" Going After "Constitutional Terrorists"?

This flyer was created -- by the feds -- to disseminate information about who the bad guys might be. However, its wording made it look like a disinformation campaign to paint at least a few groups of Real Americans as domestic terrorists.

Phoenix school first to install face scanners

A north-central Phoenix school is the first in the nation to install cameras designed to detect the faces of sex offenders or missing children and instantly alert police.

Sheriff faults car for his accident

Sheriff Joe Arpaio insists this is not interesting. That the citizens of Arizona won't care to read about how he totaled his county-issued car at a Fountain Hills drugstore.

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