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December 14th 2004

Was Gary Webb Murdered?

Chico Brown and Cele Castillo discuss the death of Gary Webb and the evidence for murder.

December 17th 2004

X-Files/Lone Gunmen Star Dean Haglund On The Alex Jones Show

Lone Gunmen/X-Files actor, Dean Haglund, who played the role of Richard 'Ringo' Langly in both series appeared on the Alex Jones Show.

January 7th 2005

Depleted Uranium Deaths Examined

Alex talks to Duane Garten, father of 35-year-old Army Sergeant Clay Garton whose exposure to Depleted Uranium may have led to his death.

March 15th 2005

Police State Censorship

Alex talks with John Gasquet who received a telephone call from a man identifying himself as a special agent who told him he was calling businesses to tell them not to put up any negative signs in their windows that were negative toward President Bush.

March 21st 2005

Exact 9/11 Attack Plan Drilled In 1976

Our own U.S. Army devised a plan commissioned by Congress to bring down the WTC using commercial airliners and box cutters as weapons.

March 30th 2005

The Plan To Psychologically Test Every Child

Dr. John Breeding with the Latest Developments on the New Freedom Initiative (Bush's Plan to to turn our schools into psychiatric “recruitment centers” and “mental health clinics.”)

March 30th 2005

Terri Schiavo And The Culture Of Death

An interview with Author Wesley Smith who talks about Terri Schiavo and the Culture of Death.

April 27 2005

Jimmie Vaughan And Tunes Not Tolls

Alex interviews legendary musician Jimmie Vaughn and Sal Castillio, about the Tunes Not Tolls benefit concert and discusses the truth behind the impending toll road car-tracking control-grid being built around us.

National ID Card Update

Alex talks with Congressman Ron Paul's Press Secretary, Jeff Deist on the National ID and how police state legislation is being snuck through the House and Senate.

March 15th 2005
March 9th 2005
February 3rd 2005

Alex Jones Interviews Christopher Bollyn on the Popular Mechanics 9/11 Hit Piece

Christopher Bollyn uncovered the fact that Ben Chertoff, the chief editor of the Popular Mechanics 9/11 hit piece, was the cousin of Michael Chertoff, the new Homeland Security Czar.

Alex Jones Interviews Jude Wanniski

Wanninski discusses the motivations behind the Neo-Cons, many of which he was friends with.

May 28th 2005

Bilderberg Targeting American Patriots

Daniel Estulin is award-winning investigative journalist who has been researching the Bilderbergers for over 13 years.

May 25th 2005

Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson Discuss The Scripted Pat Tillman Hoax

The staged death of Pat Tillman and how the military covered it up to manufacture another fairy story to support the illusion of the flagging 'war on terror'.

May 24th 2005

Another Stage-Managed Psy-Op: The Tragic Death Of Pat Tillman

Jack Blood and Alex Jones discuss the staged death of Pat Tillman and how the military covered it up to manufacture another fairy story to support the illusion of the flagging 'war on terror'.

May 13th 2005

Chief Of Police Who Received Verichip Advocates Forced Government Chipping To Buy And Sell

The Bergen County, New Jersey Chief of Police Jack Schmidig barked, "do I trust the government? I am the government!" as he advocated mandatory government implant chipping by law to buy and sell. Schmidig made nationwide headlines when he personally got chipped last month.

June 9th 2005

9/11 Whitewasher Grilled By Informed C-Span Callers

Hamilton and Brian Lamb squirmed as they attempted to dismiss the information as conspiracy theory, even when callers were quoting from actual Commission testimony.

Aug 9th 2005

Alex Jones Interviews David Ray Griffin

Alex talks with the author of the New Pearl Harbor. David Ray Griffin is professor of philosophy of religion at Claremont School of Theology and Claremont Graduate University and one of the co-directors of the Center for Process Studies.

June 27th 2005
Sept 9th 2005

9-11 Truth Expose

Alex is joined by three different guests for a two and a half hour 9/11 truth expose.

9-11 Commissioner confronted on ISI-Atta link

The shamtastic 9/11 Commission has turned itself into a travelling "non-profit" 501(c)3 road-show, with the Commissioners funded by the likes of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.

Alex Jones Interviews Larry Pratt

Larry Pratt, President of Gun Owners of America, discusses the forced confiscation of legally owned guns from residents of New Orleans and how this is being used to showcase the destruction of the Second Amendment on a national level.

Sept 5th 2005
Sept 19th 2005

O'Reilly wished that hurricane had flooded U.N. building, added that he "wouldn't have rescued them"

O'Reilly can say this on national radio and it's an afterthought?

Sept 12th 2005

Roberts Questioned on Implantable Chip During Hearings

During the the confirmation hearings for John Roberts Jr., George W. Bush's nominee for Supreme Court chief justice, Roberts was questioned by Senator Joseph R. Biden on whether he would rule against a mandatory implantable microchip to track American citizens.

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June 20th 2005

Paul Craig Roberts on Hurricane Katrina

Roberts discusses the abject failure of the federal government in anticipating and responding to Hurricane Katrina and the consequences that should follow.