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December 29th 2004

The Philosophy Of Liberty

Aimed at children but suitable for all.

January 2nd 2005

The Gropenfuhrer

Waiting to grab it all.

January 7th 2005

Helicopters Skimming Down

"Helicopters skimming down between the roofs, a sign of the police patrol, snooping into people's windows." George Orwell, 1984.

January 14th 2005

Nazi Cloning Experiment

Evil twins born 50 years apart.

January 28th 2005

Interactive Inaugural

Navigate your way around the armed camp.

February 10th 2005

Pop Quiz

What is fascism?

March 4th 2005

Any Questions?

Madrid burned for two days and stood.

March 18th 2005

We Got Her So Scared

She'd vote for Hitler.

March 23rd 2005

Would You Trust This Man?

To head anything as important as a bank?

January 6th 2005
May 10th 2005

Clouds Of Secrecy

It isn't safe anymore for Mt. Rushmore tourists.

May 4th 2005

Passion of the Anti-Christ

What would Jesus think?

April 19th 2005

Never Forget

Patriots Day.

Person Of The Year

History repeats.

May 30th 2005

Laura Bush Salutes Her True God

And he isn't in heaven.

Whatever Happened To Never Again?

History repeats.

May 20th 2005

Trust Us

They'd never touch a Koran!

May 19th 2005

New Police Uniforms

Dressing for the empire.
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June 7th 2005

Infowars Flyer

Hand out and distribute.

June 3rd 2005

Democracy Lite

Tastes great, less filling.

Sept 19th 2005

Do You Feel Comfortable With These "Eyes" As Chief Justice???

I know I do.

July 26th 2005

Glox News

It's off the planet.

July 5th 2005

World Of Evil

2004 summed up in the best video montage in a long time.

June 28th 2005

Doubting Thomases

Can you trust your own sense?

Sept 22nd 2005

Homeland Security Quartertly

March of the thought police.

DNA Test For Everyone

The only sure ID system.

August 16th 2005

War President

Can't face a housewife.

Oct 8th 2005

Stand Behind Your Fuhrer

And he will lead you to victory

Oct 12th 2005

Attention Residents of New Orleans

Blackwater is here to help.

Oct 21st 2005

Nothing to see here

Move along.

Oct 26th 2005

Baghdad Living

Surviving the fourth term.

Oct 31st 2005
Sept 10th 2005

One of the Worst Disasters


Sept 8th 2005


On Homeland Security.

Sept 5th 2005

Bush Fiddled

While New Orleans sank.

Spin City

Directed by the CIA and DARPA

August 17th 2005

Cindy Sheehan In Gitmo

What to tell the press?

August 10th 2005

Prison Planet Desktop

Use this great design as your background wallpaper.

August 4th 2005

Americans Are Waking Up!

A great flyer created by one of our readers that you can print and hand out.

August 21st 2005
Sept 29th 2005

Senators who voted FOR torture

Lets hope they are proud of themselves.

December 21st 2004