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The Tsunami: More Than a Natural Disaster?

Was the high death toll a result of incompetence, greed, deliberate weather warfare, a combination of all three or none? Listed below is the evidence. We leave the reader to make their own mind up.

Tsunami Bomb Developed As Far Back As 1944

SecDef Cohen warned of earthquake weapons

Space Preservation Act of 2001 (Lists tectonic weapons as a danger)

Human Hand Behind Earthquake and Tsunami?

Foreknowledge of A Natural Disaster

A Wave of Questions: What Did the US Know and When Did It Know It?

US denies ‘foreknowledge’ of Asian tsunami

US island base given warning

Conspiracy theorists see dark forces behind tsunami disaster

Egyptian paper: Israel-India nuke test caused tsunami

Ionospheric Manipulation Responsible For Devastating Tsunami?

Earthquake: Coincidence or a Corporate Oil Tragedy?


Don't Give Your Tsunami Donations To The Red Cross

Tsunami Victim Photographed Wearing Strange 'New World Order' Clothing

Ann Coulter Attacks Tsunami Victims

Where are the Images from Iraq & Afghanistan? Death on the Living Room Floor

Why are there no fundraisers for the Iraqi dead?

Where Are All the Dead Animals? Sri Lanka Asks

New York Might Face Watery End

Tsunami: Why America's Coast Would Be Toast

Russian Scientist Predicts Massive Tsunamis in South America

Massive Asian Earthquake Made Earth Days Shorter — Russian Scientists

Do Earthquakes and Disasters Speak for God?

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