Bush and Congress Push the 'Arm Saddam Act': Newsmax 10/11/02
Chaos Mongers Have Armed 'Axis of Evil': Pravda 10/03/02
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U.S. germs fuelled Iraqi bioweapons, records show: Associated Press/Globe and Mail 10/01/02
How did Iraq get its weapons? We sold them: Sunday Herald of Scotland 09/08/02
How Saddam Happened: Newsweek 09/23/02
U.S. Gave West Nile, Other Viruses, to Iraq: Newsmax 09/24/02
U.S. helped launch Iraq's bioweapons program: Associated Press/Toronto Star 09/30/02
Outrage as Iraq views UK arms: London Observer 10/13/02
US helped as Saddam plotted chemical attacks, report says: London Guardian 08/19/02
How US helped Iraq build deadly arsenal: London Times 12/31/02
U.S. Had Key Role in Iraq Buildup: Washington Post 12/30/02
Iraq Identified European, U.S. and Japanese Suppliers to Its Former Nuclear Program: Associated Press 12/18/02
Rumsfeld 'offered help to Saddam': London Guardian 12/31/02
Arming Iraq
Resettling Iraqi POWs Before OKC Bombing
Iraq POWS Paid to Resettle in US - Lawmakers Protest: Los Angeles Times 08/24/93
Resettling Iraqi POWs in U.S. Criticized; Lawmakers Urge Clinton to End 'Potentially Dangerous' Program: Washington Post 08/25/93
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