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Britain accused on terror lab claim: Story of find in Afghan cave 'was made up' to justify sending marines (This fake 'terror lab' was said to be the origin of the Ricin poison held by an Al-Qaeda cell supposedly uncovered in London): London Observer 03/24/02
Alerts tied to memo flap: "The Bush administration issued a spate of terror alerts in recent days to mute criticism that its national security team sat on intelligence warnings in the weeks before the September 11 attacks" - Washington Times 05/22/02
Texas Tech Prof Arrested for Allegedly Lying About Missing Plague Samples: Fox News 01/16/03
Fake Infiltration: Sources Say Informant Made Up Story of Men Who Slipped Into U.S (ABC attempt to whitewash above story).: ABC News 01/07/03
Terror alerts manufactured? FBI agents say White House scripting 'hysterics' for political effect: World Net Daily 01/06/03
Bin Laden tape a fake, Swiss lab says: Toronto Star/Associated Press 11/29/02
Confusion over UK terror warning: BBC 11/08/02
Politics drove decision to raise alert level: Capitol Hill Blue 02/12/03
Italy frees Pakistani terror suspects (arrested in a blaze of government back-slapping publicity as a 'dangerous Al-Qaeda cell' - turns out there's no evidence against them): BBC 02/12/03
Downing St dossier plagiarised: Channel 4 News 02/07/03
Revealed: truth behind US 'poison factory' claim (turns out to be a bakery): London Observer 02/10/03
UK war dossier a sham, say experts (Powell's UN presentation was partially based on a student graduate paper assembled by a junior aide office): London Guardian 02/07/03
MI6 'intelligence' lifted from lecturer's article: London Times 02/07/03
DEFINITION OF TERRORISM: "The unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence by a person or an organized group against people or property with the intention of intimidating or coercing societies or governments, often for ideological or political reasons."