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Are Americans Sure Their Flag Is Still There?

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Gerald Celente
Trends Research

Feb 8, 2011

Did you happen to catch the big Super Bowl news last night? Christina Aguilera botched up the singing of the Star Spangled Banner. How tragic!

It might suggest Americans are concerned with their heritage. How dare anyone make a mistake on the words that represent freedom, and the pride of the U.S.A.

Knowing what we know about the facade going on in the world, I don’t know if I think it humorous, sad, or just sick.

The Super Bowl, if taken on its own merit, would suggest an America in fine shape. Ticket sales were so robust to the extravagant event that they actually oversold some. Many folks were still upset at getting a refund of three times the ticket price because after all, with all the snow, they may have spent an equal amount ($3000) just to get to the game. Wow, those folks must be rich. What’s wrong with the rest of us?

Then there’s the clip of the man who has attended all of the Super Bowls. There must be something wrong with you then, if you couldn’t have made it to at least one. Loser!

The contrast of “the show” to the reality of the “real world” is mind-boggling. So, Aguilera missing a beat in the words is not as vital as most Americans perhaps missing the message – where has all their freedom gone?

I understand it was a trial run of the vaster coming of the police state. Security tight. A  truck or two to walk through that took information only Buck Rogers would understand. They are gathering data on most of us that is incomprehensible and non-sensical. Are the Americans really sure that “their flag is still there”?

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They had a home, the question is when did it get taken over? Some believe it was when Rothschild cared not who set policy as long as his dynasty controlled the nation’s money supply. He was right. Perhaps they should create the new version of the Star Spangled Banner when Americans fight the next battle and win over the Federal Reserve system that has put them into bondage.

Or, maybe they can write a tune worth being proud of when they finally decide “Made in China” has cost them dearly and they need to bring back industry to that has labels on the product, “Made in the U.S.A.”.

But that would mean they would have to see beyond the hype and diversion of J-Lo’s visit to the White House for the Super Bowl party. They would also have to see beyond the President with Bill O’Reilly, as Obama gave us a soundbite that was supposed to end debate on healthcare. You know, the fact that he is not willing to allow those folks with pre-existing conditions to be denied coverage.

The Prez forgot to bring up the fact that the benefit levels are so low that a really sick person would be tapped out before meaningful treatment would have taken place, not to mention the death panels that would effectively decide if treating him was really worth it anyway. No, the soundbite from Obama would be good enough for an America that just wanted to hear a little good-sounding news to comfort them in their quest to enjoy the American brand of pigskin. All is still good, go away naysayers!

According to Gretchen on Fox and Friends this morning, the President looked good in his interview with Bill. Oh goody.

I guess we can take comfort in the fact that despite Glenn Beck’s promise that it isn’t a battle of left versus right, he will still bring up the extreme left. He will continue to try to tie socialists in the U.S. to the socialists in the Middle East, justifying what should now bring us full circle. Of course this is all about the “war on terror”, what were we thinking? Surely it’s not what has been conveyed from Egypt – – Christians and Muslims hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder for peace and human rights. Surely it could not be that simple.

That would be in keeping at the end of the day with the focus on Murdoch’s News Corp – support the war effort, the Bush war on terror, and everything related.

It brings us back to the pickup truck ride through the ranch in South America with George W. Bush that Hannity took. Yep, Hannity was just as hard-hitting as O’Reilly was the other night with Obama. They sure got them on their knees didn’t they? Sound journalism to get to the real story.

Anyhow, this brings us to the title and the reason for this post. Gerald Celente tells a story far removed from the glory of the diversion of the Super Bowl. He paints a picture of the world and America that would have people wondering why anyone would want to blow hard-earned fiat currency on a ticket to the big game. You’d think they would be buying more gold wouldn’t you?

Well, here’s Gerald telling it plainly like no one else can:

So, should we all worry that Aguilera blew the words, when most of us have missed the meaning?

This article was posted: Tuesday, February 8, 2011 at 5:13 am

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