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Hizbullah “is not anti-Jewish. I repeat, they are not anti-Jewish.”

The Truth Will Set You Free | August 9 2006

"[Hizbullah was] a direct result of Israeli occupation of Southern Lebanon. The Israelis killed tens of thousands of people in Southern Lebanon during that occupation . . . this [was] part of the civil war. This is 1980. They devastated the south. Hizbullah went in really as a social services organization during the civil war. They are NOT anti-Jewish. I repeat, they are NOT anti-Jewish."
There goes the anti-semite card.

“There is this great vilification of the Hizbullah people. They are always labeled as terrorists. They have NEVER, despite what Israel says, they have never attacked Israel, they have not attacked the northern border. It is Israel that has sent rockets into southern Lebanon on almost a daily basis and this is documented in daily UN reports of the situation.

I was in Tyre in 2004 and I saw the Israeli rockets coming over and exploding and the local people shrug their shoulders and say this happens daily.

I was in Beirut in July of 2004, and my husband was there last year, and the Israeli jet fighters come over with no provocation from the Lebanese army or air force - which is pretty weak - and they break the sonic boom, it’s a reminder to people as to who is boss – it’s bullying.”

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