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TerrorStorm Texas Premiere a Huge Success!

9/11 Blogger | August 28 2006

Around 800 of Alex Jones and Jim Marrs' closest friends filled the Dallas Lakewood Theater to near capacity on the evening of August 26, 2006, for the Texas Premiere of "TerrorStorm" and to hear Jim Marrs speak.

The crowd was diverse; many races, many different political stripes, and people of all ages were in attendance. Jones opened up the evening with a stirring 30 minute speech, putting the "elite" on notice; people are educating themselves about the existence of state sponsored terror as a political tool, and they're not going to take it anymore.

Despite the serious nature of TerrorStorm, the crowd was positive, receptive to Jones' message, and the audience gave the film a rousing ovation at its conclusion.

Following the premiere of the final cut of TerrorStorm, Jim Marrs gave a nearly 1 hour speech, talking about his research into 9/11, and how aspects of the assassination of JFK parallel the events of 9/11. Chief among them, the destruction/disappearing of evidence from the crime scene which covered the trail of the villians, as well as competent authorities not being allowed to examine the evidence that did exist.

Marrs also signed copies of his new book "The Terror Conspiracy" newly released from Disinfo.

If nearly 1,000 people can gather in the very heart of "Bush Country" to learn and teach each other about False Flag Terror, you should be able to do this in any state in the country. Terrorstorm is a powerful and educational documentary. Does it have flaws? Sure. Does the overall message and massive amount of data included in the film outweigh the flaws. Hell, yes.

Check it out for yourself; (and if you get the chance to check it out on the bigscreen, do it. Hell, buy a DVD, rent a theater and show it yourself.)

TerrorStorm on Google Video

p.s. After Marrs' speech, Jones showed a short preview of his Bilderberg expose. Yes, Bilderberg exists, it met this past June in Ottowa, and Jones and his crew were detained AT THE BORDER AND INTERROGATED before they were even let in to the country to attempt infiltration of the Bilderberg meeting. I haven't seen footage of Jones so rattled since his infiltration of Bohemian Grove. (*sigh* yes, Bohemian Grove exists too, meets once a year -- DEAL WITH IT.)

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