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‘Iran is NO threat to Israel or any nation’

The Truth Will Set You Free | August 28 2006

Of course, you'll never hear this quote on FOX news or MSNBC.

[Ahmadinejad] said the Islamic republic isn't a "threat" to any nation, including Israel, as he opened a heavy-water production plant that is part of the country's nuclear program.

Iran's nuclear ambitions are "at the service of peace and justice," Ahmadinejad was quoted as saying by the Iranian Students News Agency, at the opening of the Arak plant, which will produce heavy water used in nuclear reactors.

[Don't believe he said it? Find out for yourself. Contact the reporter on this story - Ladane Nasseri in Tehran ( Presumably, he/she either heard it first hand or spoke with people who did.]
You will, however, keep hearing the oft-repeated distortion about 'wiping Israel off the map,' which some contend was merely a figurative suggestion for a political end to the apartheid Zionist state, and others insist was an outright lie - a manipulative English distortion of what Ahmadenijad said in Persian.
The U.S. and some European countries suspect Iran of seeking to build a nuclear weapon. The Islamic republic, which has the world's second-largest crude oil reserves, says it only wants nuclear energy.

Iran doesn't recognize Israel and Ahmadinejad has called for the nation to be "wiped off the map" or relocated elsewhere.
See! There it is again.

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