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Mystery explosion in Devon/Cornwall, England

Boing Boing | October 27 2006

In Bude (Cornwall, England) today there was the sound of a huge explosion that caused huge cracks in at least one person's house. The thing is no one knows what caused it -- there is no obvious explosion site, and the MOD and RAF deny any supersonic planes were flying over that area.

Although the Ministry of Defence have been known to lie sometimes, surely a sonic boom that could crack houses would have smashed everyone's windows too. It's a fascinating mystery.

Reader comments:

Brad says:

This has happened in the US as well. In April, I experienced it in San Diego and it was reported in the newspaper. Every agency or entity that could conceivably be responsible says it had nothing to do with it and though it shook my four story office building, there is still no explanation for it.

Leah says:

Writing in from Toronto to say that the same phenomena was reported to have happened here about a week ago, some time around 4am. I didn't personally hear it, but woke to the radio personality I listen to discussing it with his co-host. It was described as sounding like a sonic boom, and none of the city's emergency personnel could provide any information as to what caused the sound. Later reports during the day claim that people as far as Mississauga heard the same noise.

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