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Were 'Pod Missiles' Used in the World Trade Center Attack?

Paul Joseph Watson | April 20 2004

Several websites have garnered worldwide attention recently for exposing apparent evidence of a 'pod missile' which was fired from Flight 175 before it hit the WTC South Tower.

In my book, Order Out of Chaos, which was written over a year ago and published in August 2003, I cited the research of Leonard Spencer and featured a discussion of the use of missiles, specifically in the case of Flight 11, which hit the North Tower,

The story of the 'Fireman's Video' is well known. Two French filmmakers, the Naudet Brothers, were in New York on September 11 making a documentary about the New York Fire Service. The footage shows that, while filming in Canal Street, firemen and crew are distracted by a plane flying low overhead. The camera operator instinctively turns his camera towards the North Tower and, for little more than a second or so, we get a clear view of the plane crashing into the tower. It is a precious, priceless second. It is the one-second of video that really makes the sinister Bush junta nervous. It really gives them nightmares. They really didn't want a professional cameraman to catch that moment on broadcast-quality tape.

If you've got it on tape I strongly suggest you take another look at it, with the pause and frame-forward buttons at the ready. If you don't have it taped you can purchase the documentary in which it appears on video and DVD. It's called simply '9/11'.

When seen at full speed, you might first of all think that there isn't a great deal to see. There's half a second or so when we see the plane flying through the air then it smashes into the tower, creating an explosion and leaving a great gash across the building. Notice though that immediately before it hits the building the plane emits a brief, bright flash. Notice too that the scar it leaves on the building is rather larger than seems appropriate for the size of the aircraft.

Watch carefully what happens as the plane approaches and crashes into the tower. I leave you to come to your own conclusions about what you see (watch it over and over again, backwards and forwards), but I'll tell you what I see. Immediately before the plane strikes it fires a missile that blows a hole in the building's façade. This is the cause of that brief flash. The plane then begins to disappear neatly into this hole, leaving no wing impressions. (A plane disappearing into a hole? Where have I heard that before; wasn't there something about a plane at the Pentagon?) Just before it disappears however it fires two more missiles from somewhere near its tail. One goes to the left, one to the right (and up a bit) and it is the blast holes from these three separate missiles that form the great gash across the building.






Frame two shows the flash and the firing of the missile before the plane hits the building. For more information on this, see our previous story, 9/11 DVD Censored! Image of Strange Flash as Flight 11 Hit North Tower Missing From Footage.










These images show a missile exiting from the 'bulge' on the belly of the aircraft of Flight 175 moments before it hits the tower. Click play below to watch a slow motion video of this.












Here is another video from a different angle. This is an ultra slow-mo and clearly shows the missile being fired.












Here is the same video speeded up a little...












This page will be updated as and when new information emerges.

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Update: Eyewitness: 'I Saw Missile Hit the World Trade Center'

Seems like he had a pretty good view too. Read the commentary below for more analysis. This clip is from the Naudet Brothers' Video.