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More New World Order Conditioning In Video Games

Prison Planet | April 2 2005

Reader: "Another video game with NWO message in it, but this one is even more blatant and in your face than previous ones."

Act of War: Direct Action tells a highly realistic, near-future story of a US elite force fighting an international plot to overthrow the current world order. While offering a "First Look at Tomorrow's War", Act of War: Direct Action takes you through a frightening and believable reality filled with suspense, international intrigue and geopolitical military conflict, wrapped in a top-quality strategy gaming experience.

Almost fell out of my chair when I saw this one. The kids can now learn how to fight all those who would resist the NWO.

Thanks for all you do Alex and Paul."


Watch the trailer below, it appears 'the terrorists' are blonde white women and caucasian men.

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