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USA's Pledge of Allegiance Banned By Ebay, France, Germany?

Prison Planet | April 5 2005

From a reader.....

A photograph of the original pledge of allegiance to the flag of the USA was
banned in a sale on Ebay. As explanation for the ban of America's heritage,
Ebay cited it's policy against items related to Nazism. The eye-popping
photo and the Ebay letter are at

Questions raised by Ebay's actions include the following (and any answers
are not clear from Ebay's letter):

Is Ebay acknowledging that the USA's original pledge of allegiance (which
used a straight-arm salute) was the origin of the Nazi salute? That
historic discovery was exposed by the historian Rex Curry at

Additional eye-popping photos are at

Does Ebay believe that historic photographs of America's original pledge
violate laws in countries that ban Nazi depictions? (Selling or displaying
Nazi artifacts is illegal in France. Germany is similar. In other words, is
the U.S. pledge a Nazi artifact? Is it illegal to display / sell historic
photographs of the original USA pledge in France and/or Germany?)

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