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Reader Responds To Des Moines Register Gosch/Gannon Hit Piece

Prison Planet | April 7 2005

A reader responds to the arrogant Des Moines Register scoff piece which debunks the notion that bush-loving man-whore journalist Jeff Gannon is kidnapped Iowa paperboy Johnny Gosch.

Read the original Des Moines Register article here.

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Is he Johnny Gosch? How about are you a real journalist?

Ms. Crawford,

Nice piece of corporate socialist spin. I understand completely your desire to present your utterly compromised and unethical profession in some form of positive light by contrasting it with independent editorialists on the blog circuit. However you may wish to check your own facts before presenting them as some form of definitive statement on the matter. Here are a few notable examples of your piece:

1) Operation Mockingbird is only a theory. If that is true, then William Colby's admission that "the CIA owns everyone of any consequence in the major media" was obviously a fictional account.

2) "But a lack of proof wasn't enough to stop a vast network of gossip from enveloping the story." I suppose this only applies to a non-government inspired opinions. Unsubstantiated stories about Iraqi WMD that your organization and many others trumpeted without any evidence or even quotable sources whatsoever apparently don't count in this regard. What a nice communist, Pravda-like approach to seeing the world.

3) "Johnny Gosch may finally have been found, thanks to Rush Limbaugh."
You spend an entire hit piece trashing slipshod fact checking on the blogs only to promote one of the last people to actually deal with the story in your first line. What's worse is that you choose to promote an editorialist who always supports a pro-government line (so long as his party runs the government, that is). How can you expect to dismiss bloggers as innuendo and spin factories when you are doing the same thing yourself?

These examples were just off the top of my head. If you really want to know why your general readership and subscription rates have been declining, you may wish to start acting like you work for an independent news organization and not some latter day incarnation of Isvestia. Nobody likes to hear only the government's spin on events all the time; it reminds them of the communism we supposedly fought a 50 year cold war to get rid of.


Ali Sugerman

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