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Weekly Paper That Published Gannon Expose Shut Down

Liberty Think | April 8 2005

The alternative weekly paper that published the Gannon/Gosch piece closed its doors the day the story came out and will not print another issue.

The paper will apparently be printing under the name of another alt-type weekly paper in town (cityview) but the writer of the Pointblank piece - the managing editor - was fired.

Apparently, the company that owns the new paper is owned by Michael Gartner, a high-powered individual in Des Moines who owns the Minor league baseball team in that town, oversees a state board that disburses funds to big business, and was a former writer for the Des Moines Register and Tribune who once won a Pulitzer.

He was also once president of NBC news, but was forced to leave after the debacle when they blew up trucks with rockets to make them look like they exploded on impact.

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