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The Minutemen vs. The New World Order

Nancy Levant | April 8 2005

The Minuteman Project is trying to stop illegal immigrants from crossing the Mexican-American border. President Bush has called them vigilantes. However, President Bush knows this is untrue. He knows the border is to remain permanently open and is, in fact, to dissolve completely as will the Canadian-American border. As a lame duck President, he knows full well that the dissolving southern border will be one of his legacies as he, who like his father, has supported and furthered the cause of global governance and the North American Alliance (Canada-America-Mexico = one country).

The Minuteman Project is still operating under the old laws, the old ways, believing that illegal immigration is a crime and a danger to their country. What they do not understand is that our old laws and ways have been trumped by partnerships, commissions, NGOs, consensus, hidden legislation, and international wheeling and dealing. Our Constitution is not a functioning document and it hasn’t been for a long time. The laws of our land have changed. The elected just haven’t had the nerve to tell us.

No laws in any countries are actually valid anymore. The New World Order, with its new government, has arrived. It’s here. They simply haven’t declared it quite yet, but they will when the catastrophe hits, and it will hit.

That catastrophe will probably be a large-scale terrorist-type act. However it could also appear to be a “natural” act of devastation, but it will happen. It might happen in the United States or elsewhere on the planet. Perhaps it will happen in many areas at once, but the catastrophe will initiate a global-style martial law that will usher in the New World Order.

It’s going to be terrifying. Many, many good and innocent people are going to be collected and removed from society. Life as we have known it is going to change drastically. Our personal freedoms to travel, to move, to buy, to sell, to own, and our rights as parents to our children are all going to change.

The American people are going to suffer terribly during the first decade of the New World Order because most are going to be blind-sided by the events that will unfold. American people will have the most to lose from global governance.

The catastrophe will provide rationale for U.N. peacekeeping forces to come onto American soil to assist. However, American people will catch on to the truth of these permanent changes, and when that happens, U.N. troops will be used for controlling and arresting our people, all under the guise of assisted peace keeping.

My heart breaks for the Minuteman Project, those citizens trying to ensure that America’s laws are followed, trying to make sense of the border issue, but there is no sense to be found. The truth continues to be hidden. The truth will never be discussed with any integrity – and certainly not prior to the catastrophe. For how can any of our elected officials tell us that, for years and years, they helped to created and used bureaucratic ways and means to steal our Constitutional rights – and implemented a new governing body into our nation and the world. They will never admit it, but the results upon the citizenry are going to be devastating – massively so.

The Mexican-American border is to stay open because the U.N. has redefined and divided the new world into geographic sectors – one of which being the North American Alliance, which is Canada, America, Mexico – one country. That is the truth.

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