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Gannon Stories Ignite Internet, Television Again

Prison Planet | Updated April 13 2005

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Jeff Gannon is firmly back in the spotlight after a National Press Association appearance and an MSNBC show which discussed whether he was kidnapped paperboy Johnny Gosch.


Gannon-is-Gosch mystery makes new MSNBC show

A new talk show on MSNBC, "Dietl and Daniels" featured as it's first story, the mystery of whether faux journalist Jeff Gannon is actually kidnapped Iowa paperboy Johnny Gosch. Bo Dietl did most of the interview and had on Johnny's mother Noreen Gosch and investigators Andy Stephenson and James Rothstein. (I want to thank my source for alerting me to this segment and this new show on MSNBC, otherwise I would've missed it).

Basically they went over the case and showed photos of Gosch at age 12 in 1982 and Gannon in present day. There are striking similarities and supposedly the two share similar birthmarks.

Of course Dietl asked Noreen Gosch if when she was briefly reunited with her son in 1997, if this guy Gannon looked like the same man claiming to be her son back then. She blandly answered that she wasn't sure. I was disappointed Mrs. Gosch didn't say more about what she thought about the whole issue.

Dietl said he talked to 'Gannon' (aka James Guckert) last night and had an in-depth conversation with him about various issues. Dietl said he asked Gannon point blank if he was Johnny Gosch and all Gannon said was "I feel sorry for that poor woman, Noreen." Dietl added that his gut told him Gannon wanted to talk more but that his lawyers told him not to. So, basically, Gannon left the door open. Dietl said that his show would stay on the story and await new developments. Mr. Rothstein ended the show saying they sent an investigator to talk to Gannon and that when the issue of "Johnny Gosch" came up, Gannon slammed the door in his face.

From Andrew W. Griffin

For more information about the Johnny Gosch case, visit

Gosch-as-Gannon expose shakes Iowa media

Weekly Paper That Published Gannon Expose Shut Down


America Blog: GannonGuckert DEFENDS Armstrong Williams!

This deserved its own post. GG just said on the National Press Club that the administration HAD to pay Armstrong Williams to report about No Child Left Behind because they HAD to, the mainstream media wouldn't report fairly about the legislation so Bush had no choice! It was the only way he could get a fair hearing!

Yes, so Armstrong Williams refused to give Bush a fair hearing unless he was paid nearly half a million bucks? That's what Guckert is now alleging?


Editor and Publisher: 'Gannon' Appears at National Press Club, Draws Heat

More than two months after he resigned as the White House correspondent for right-leaning Talon News, James Guckert -- also known as Jeff Gannon -- was back in the spotlight this morning as part of a panel at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.

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At the end of the press conference CSPAN cameras were still rolling when members of the audience started asking Gannon if he'd ever had sex with members of the White House staff, including Scott McClellan.

CSPAN still has the video on their front page at time of writing.


More coverage at Wonkette and Crooks and Liars.

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