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Big Brother Surveillance State Grows New Tentacles

Prison Planet | April 19 2005

Why does Big Brother want to know who you are, where you’ve been, your magazine subscriptions, your financial records, and what brand of toothpaste you buy?

The reasons are multifaceted. It’s not just making sure the serfs know who their master is.

Take ID cards for example, or just the very notion of having to present some form of identification to a designated authority figure.

This could apply to airport security or drunk driving checkpoints, seatbelt checkpoints any situation in which an authority figure demands to see ID.

The process of showing your identification is not primarily so the authority figure knows who you are, it’s to ensure that your behavioural tendencies show a willing obedience to authority.

Here’s an example, if airport security asks you to show extra identification and you respond by saying you forgot to bring any in a simpering, inferior manner, more likely than not they will let you through, over and above if you refuse to show identity because you believe it’s a violation of your God-given rights.

The benchmark isn’t whether or not you show identity, it’s whether or not you display obedience to authority.

This flip side of this is the commercial aspect. With the advent of RFID technology and its many applications in the commercial sector, we’re entering a Minority Report experience. The RFID chip in your national ID card and eventually the one implanted in your arm, will store reams of data about your buying habits.

This is to enable personal targeted advertising via directed audio beams which hit your inner ear. The type of advertising will be determined on the basis of what your chip says your buying habits are.

Already major Japanese cities have Coke vending machines which transmit the sound of coca-cola being poured into a glass to passers by.

And then there’s the criminal application, where the transponder tags on your cars which will become mandatory will be scanned for any minor insurance or unpaid ticket violation.

The Eurocopter, a police helicopter recently introduced into the UK, can scan five cars a second and immediately log drivers license plates from 2,000 feet in the air. And in the US the bootfinder system is already being used to target people for overdue library books.

And yet a lot of people ghave gone back to sleep because they tell us the Matrix database system has been shut down. When in actual fact a lot of these programs just go dark and get funding through the black budget and industry donations. So it’s just one tentacle of a sprawling leviathan.

We are at the precipice of the next major expansion of the surveillance state. Many people will willingly accept this because they’ve been conditioned for years that the convenience elements, via the cellphone, the supermarket loyalty card, the GPS satellite navigation system in the car, the Onstar system, override the mammoth applications that both government and monopoly corporatism have planned for all this and are already implementing.

Big Brother doesn't just want to know where you are, he wants to know what you're thinking and if necessary, change your mind.

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