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BBC Again Lumps Freedom Movement In With Terrorists

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet | April 20 2005

The BBC have again inferred that anyone who thinks government is tyrannical is linked to Neo-Nazis and terrorists.

In an article posted today entitled 'US radical right remains a threat,' the writer Kevin Anderson draws parallels between those who warn against a new world order and global government to Oklahoma City bombing patsy Timothy McVeigh.

The article states,

The radical right in the US has always had a fascination with paramilitary organisations dating back to the secretive, anti-communist Minutemen in the 1960s, Michael Barkun, a professor of political science at Syracuse University, told the BBC News website.

But beginning in the 1980s, so-called new world order conspiracy theories spread throughout the extreme right in the US, he said.

"They asserted some nebulous conspiracy was on the threshold of seizing all power in the US and dismantling the constitutional system," Mr Barkun added.

The conspiratorial speculation reached a fever pitch with an unwitting reference by former President Bush to a "new world order" in a 1991 speech to Congress marking the end of the Gulf War.

Mr Bush was simply noting the shift in geo-politics as the Soviet Union crumbled and suddenly the bi-polar world of the Cold War melted away, potentially giving rise to a new international strategic alignment.

The full article can be read here.

An unwitting reference? Are they trying to tell us Bush accidentally called for a new world order? That his speech in front of the UN was given off the top of his head?

A 'new international strategic alignment'? The end of a bi-polar world? This is world government, a unipolar world. So Bush talks about a global government and a new world order, that's OK. But when anyone talks about it in a negative sense, they're Neo Nazi terrorists and it doesn't exist!

The media have employed this demonization 'attacktic' for over a decade. You would think that by now they'd have caught on to the fact that it isn't working.

The polls show more and more people are turning to alternative news and more and more people are waking up to the corruption of the establisment and their simpering media whore lackeys.

Some of our readers will remember Michael Barkun. He was the guy that attacked Alex Jones for 3 hours with Brian Lamb on national C-SPAN television's Washington Journal show. Alex called the show and asked that he be included in the debate. They refused. Alex invited Barkun to appear on his radio show to debate Alex. He refused.

The BBC's bias towards Britain's ruling Labour party and Prime Sinister Phony Tony B-LIAR has been evident for years. Yet the company grandstands as the bastion of impartiality. This link provides substantial proof of government toadyism.

This is the same news organization that for almost two years reported Terri Schiavo was in a coma.

Last year they featured an article which insinuated that anyone who throught the Bilderberg Group had power was sympathetic to Osama bin Laden.

This after their own BBC colleagues had exposed the fact that Bilderberg were responsible for the introduction of the European single currencyon a BBC Radio 4 Report entitled Club Class. One thinks these idiots should talk to each other a bit more.

The BBC is funded by taxpayers money. I live in England and I am a taxpayer. I help fund the BBC and in return the BBC calls me a Neo-Nazi terrorist for what I do and believe in.

Don't let them think it's OK to get away with this. Go to this page and write a complaint.

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