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Police Beat Woman Having Diabetic Reaction

KSN News | April 20 2005

Comment: Go to this page and watch the video. This thug is clearly taking giant swings at her. These guys are real tough, beating up on a woman having a seizure.

WICHITA, Kansas, 2005418 -- A story we’ve been following continues to get emotional reaction from our viewers. It deals with the way police handled a woman who had been driving erratically. Police didn’t know the woman was having a diabetic reaction.

Christina Deleon, 30 has a broken arm, her head is swollen and her eyes are blackened. The question now is, how did she get these injuries? From a traffic accident or from what police did after it.

"I would think from the way that I feel and the way that I look that it was done incorrectly," said Deleon.

The incident began when a motorist reported an erratic driver, spotting the car in oncoming lanes of traffic. When police moved in, they say the woman was awake but unresponsive.

"At one point, she looked over at me, put her foot on the gas and took off through the yard," said Officer Brian Hurley, Wichita Police Department.

When Christina hit a tree, police moved in. The only problem was that she was not responding. Police feared Christina could take off at any moment and decided that she must be removed from the car.

An officer then broke the window and what happened next is the source of controversy.

The officer dragged Christina out of the car and pulled her along the pavement. Christina’s family claims the officer continued to use force evidenced, they say, by his lunging arm.

Christina watched the video the next day on the news.

"I was devastated because I was being plopped around like a rag doll and I could see them take me out of the car and them undoing my seatbelt and I was just limp," said Deleon.

At that point, officers did not know Christina was having a diabetic reaction and was not eluding arrest.

She said she understands police have a dangerous job but doesn’t know how they could react that way without more facts in hand.

"That hopefully they’ll be more attentive and pay more attention to the clues."

Christina believes her injuries were caused by police because her car was not severely damaged in the accident. Police say they wish they had more details but feel they made the right call under the circumstances.

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