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John Bolton: Another Mentally Unstable Megalomaniac

Prison Planet | April 21 2005

As John Bolton awaits confirmation for his post as UN ambassador, a nomination opposed even by some Republicans, his true nature is being revealed.

Melody Townsel, a former US AID worker stationed in Kyrgyzstan has gone public on how Bolton treats whistleblowers.

After Townsel criticized the competence of her employers, Black, Manafort, Stone & Kelly, they hired John Bolton as legal counsel to represent them to US AID.

Townsel describes Bolton's actions when he confronted her.

"Mr. Bolton proceeded to chase me through the halls of a Russian hotel -- throwing things at me, shoving threatening letters under my door and, generally, behaving like a madman."

Read the full letter here. is also reporting on how Bolton would drive to CIA headquarters and bark orders for people to be fired who didn't completely tow the Neo-Con line. The national intelligence officer for Latin American affairs being one of his victims.

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