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Handcuffing Of 5-Year-Old A Picture Postcard Of America's Decline

Prison Planet/Paul Joseph Watson | April 25 2005

TAMPA BAY 10 NEWS SNIP: It is the hottest video in America tonight and you can't rent it at Blockbuster. The video shows St. Petersburg police officers handcuffing and arresting a 5 year old girl. School officials said the girl was out of control and they had to call police.

You can hear the little girl crying:
“No, no.”

And the police officer says:
“Hold her hands down.”


This video is a picture postcard wich illustrates the downfall of America into a police state divorced from any form common sense or reason.

Watch the video. The child is clearly having a tantrum which clearly of no danger to anyone. She lightly slaps a teacher with a level force that would barely swat a fly.

Before the police handcuff her, she is seen calmly sitting down and being quiet.

We feature articles about children being arrested for the most benign offences on this website on a weekly basis. Why is this happening?

1) Due to the media hyping of child abdution and pedophilia, of which the numbers have been steadily decreasing since the 70's, codes of conduct have ben introduced in schools whereby a teacher cannot make any physical contact whatesoever with a pupil. This prevents a teacher from using simple restraining techniques that don't even harm a child in any way.

2) Laws are already being introduced in the UK and prepared in America that make every offence arrestable. In the UK, a thirteen year old threw a snowball at a police car, was arrested and her DNA stored in a database permanently.

3) Stage-managed school shootings have turned schools not into police state traning camps, but actual prisons themselves. Attendance is mandatory, home-schooling is frowned upon and equated with terrorism, children in some states have to attend truancy court, biometric scanning is required to enter and exit the premises and for school meals, guards patrol corridors, school buses are tracked with GPS, informant programs are set up to encourage children to rat on each other, random drug sweeps occur where police storm in with dogs and search bags and lockers, the Secret Service is called if students criticize the government, students are arrested for wearing baseball caps the wrong way. The list goes on and on. The school is a prison and therefore the students, no matter how young, are treated like criminals.

4) Since the 80's, police training has been warped to the point where the police are taught that the general public is their enemy. They are no longer public servants, they are now akin to private security firms for the government. The peace officer has been replaced by the law enforcement officer. Even their police dogs are seen as worthier than we are. Any individual, no matter how harmless they appear, is considered a threat. Even a 5 year old girl.

5) Teachers organizations have done nothing to stop these changes and in many cases have actually encouraged them.

6) One in seven children are on Ritalin and other dangerous psychotropic drugs which make them swing between drooling in the corner at one point and then acting wildly the next. These numbers are only increasing. Children are put on these drugs in the first place for the most inane and insane reasons, such as raising their hand to answer questions in class too often

Just fifteen years ago when I was in primary school kids would go nuts and start throwing chairs across the room. There were a few problem kids in my class and this happened at least once a month. On every occasion the situation was dealt with by first restraining the child, calming them down and then a harsh word in the headmasters office. The kid returned to class and it was all over. At no point would it ever have even been considered to call the police.

The US prison population is at an all time worldwide high and continues to rise. Spammers are being jailed for 8 years at a time and pot dealers are getting even stiffer sentences. Meanwhile rapists, pedophiles and murderers go free.

Just how long will it be until our children are not just arrested for minor tantrums but actually facing prison time? America is burning down and the most innocent souls, our own children, are being thrown into the flames of a police state fueled by fear and driven mad by power.

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