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New Flight 175 Footage: No Pod?

Prison Planet | April 27 2005

New found footage of Flight 175's impact on the south tower of the World Trade Center appears to contradict claims of a pod being on the underbelly of the plane. The 'flash' that many also assert is visible in several different frames of other footage is missing.

The footage is taken from ground level and is believed to be the only close-range port side video of Flight 175 to exist.

Click here to watch the video in QuickTime format. Click here to watch a substantially slowed-down version of the clip.

Since other websites and 9/11 truth organizations began talking about the pod, this website has attempted to be balanced and air the views of both sides.

It is a common tactic for the government media spin machine to misdirect people's attention by getting them excited about one aspect of an issue, then later bring out evidence to debunk that aspect and thus tarnish the credibility of the entire subject.

Many analysts fear this is the case with 9/11.

For example, and others postulate that the government will eventually release clear footage of Flight 77 hitting the Pentagon. This will then discredit an entire portion of the 9/11 truth movement and the debunkers will have a field day. It is unclear whether the movement could take a blow of this magnitude and not be significantly damaged.

Take a look at the footage for yourself. Does it lay to rest the pod arguments?

Could the footage have been altered before its release to remove the pod?

Be sure to watch the slowed-down version and also analyse the frames below.

Is there anything else about the plane that raises your eyebrows? Feel free to e mail.

Thanks to for ripping the footage.

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