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BBC's 'Doctor Who' Show Parodies 9/11 Inside Job

Prison Planet | April 29 2005

In what was a blatant tip of the hat to 9/11 conspiracy pop culture, BBC's new Doctor Who series featured a plot which mirrored every aspect brought forth by those who contend that the September 11 attack was an inside job.

In the recent episode 'Aliens of London,' a spaceship crashes into Big Ben in a sequence eerily similar to the events of 9/11.

Watch the trailer here.

While London is put under martial law, it turns out that the purpotrators of the attack is the government itself, having been infiltrated at the highest levels (by aliens).

They then use the staged attack to launch a war on another planet under the pretext that they can attack earth with weapons of mass destruction in under 45 seconds (mirroring Blair's infamous 45 minutes Iraq lie). It turns out that the hidden agenda is to grab the planet's fuel.

The Prime Minister even goes AWOL and is criticized for his lack of action (as with Bush in the elementary school on 9/11).

Immediately after the Big Ben crash, an alien pig-like body is recovered from the Thames river. This race then gets blamed for the attack while the real purpotrators organize behind the scenes. This is symbolic of Muslim hijackers being used as the patsies on 9/11.

The episode even enlisted the services of real BBC news readers to create mock news reports for the show. Click here, here and here to watch them. There is also a mock US news report. Click here to watch that.

The BBC's episode guide page is here.

Many of our readers will remember the Lone Gunmen pilot episode, which carried the plot where a secret group within the government attempt to hijack a commercial airliner and fly it into the World Trade Center. This was made in late 2000 and broadcast in early 2001.

Alex Jones interviewed Dean Haglund, one of the stars of the show back in December. Haglund said that by the time the X-files was coming to an end, the producer Chris Carter (who also produced 'Gunmen') was being approached by government agencies and NASA with script ideas.

Was this a forewarning from the inside that 9/11 was about to happen?

In the case of the Doctor Who episode, it's a benchmark of how far we've come. Alternate explanations behind 9/11 (ie the truth) are so ingrained in the collective unconscious of popular culture that entire episodes of major fiction and drama shows are being based around them.

This can only be a good thing as it may spur people to look deeper.

Let's just hope that, unlike the Lone Gunmen episode, the Doctor Who show doesn't come true and Big Ben remains standing.

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