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Reader Defends 'Pod' Evidence

Prison Planet | April 29 2005

Hey guys,

I'm not sure why you'd consider this new-found footage to be contradictory to that of the rest of the "pod" evidence. Firstly, this is one video which shows the plane from one angle, and a pretty bad angle at that. I'll get into why it's a bad angle in a moment. Logically speaking it is wrong to judge this issue on the merits of this one piece of footage when every other piece of footage compliments each other so well, and when every other piece of footage is much clearer. They all show an abnormality on the belly of the plane, and they all show a strange flash on the building moments before impact.

The angle of this footage is bad because of the "tilt" of the plane. The pod that we've all been talking about is found on the right-hand side of the plane's belly, as shown in this image which was taken on the day:

So, from the perspective of this new footage we only see the left-hand side, because of the "tilt". This prevents us from seeing if there is indeed a pod on the right-hand side of the plane's belly.

Also, the plane in the footage is obscured by what appears to be "motion blur". It looks "stretched" and absolutely no detail can be seen other than the vague shape of a plane.

As for the "flash" issue; again, the "tilt" of the plane in this new footage prevents us from getting a good view of the area on which the flash is said to have occurred on the building. The flash in the other footage is instantaneous and doesn't have a very wide diameter. If a flash occurred, this new footage wouldn't have captured it, and even if it did, the quality is so bad that we might not have noticed. If you watch the explosion after the plane penetrates the building the colours seem saturated and bland, even with the fireball bursting out of the side of the walls. This shows that even if there was a flash the saturated colours are such that it'd be nearly impossible to see.

I wouldn't close the books on the pod issue just yet ;)

Anyway, keep up the good work guys, the New World Order will not succeed!

Thank you for your hard work.


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