The Evidence Is In

Tuesday April 23, 2007 

Professor Steven Jones presenting his X-ray spectrometry evidence from samples taken at the WTC site. They dramatically show a PERFECT MATCH for the highly specialized compound "thermate" (used for cutting through steel) found in the WTC debris. (And no, thermate was NOT used during the clean up operation...this stuff was in the building, and ignited, prior to collapse.) If you're new to this information, you might want to check out "Molten Metal" and "Fire Initiated Collapse - Primary Arguments Against"

If you are short on time, start with pt.7 below.

**Note: The video quality isn't the best, we are still looking for a better version. Also, just to provide a heads up; most of the links below do not match the "title" that shows at YouTube. For instance, pt.7 will show up (on YouTube) as "Part 5".

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