AOL News Networking Website Bans Prison Planet
Time-Warner owned Propeller cites "spam and inflammatory sept 11th articles" as reason for censorship

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Tuesday, April 1, 2008

AOL-Time Warner's popular social networking website has banned submission of all Prison material - citing Prison Planet's "inflammatory" articles about 9/11 as its justification.

We were alerted to the ban by a reader who attempted to submit one of our articles today and sent us the following screenshot.

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The submission is blocked because the story has already been posted, but it is also blocked because, "The domain or URL is banned for the following reasons: spam and inflammatory sept 11th articles gamed".

"Gamed" is a term that denotes when a large number of Internet users campaign to vote up a story on a news networking website, artificially inflating its exposure.

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However, Digg and other user-driven information websites like Wikipedia have consistently been caught letting organized armies of trolls "game" their content by voting down or outright deleting legitimate content in an organized manner.

Last year we exposed how perfectly factual, documented and legitimate Wikipedia content such as "Republican sex scandals" was being deep-sixed by an organized army of Neo-Con trolls who also make it their 24/7 mission to delete and unfairly edit content about questions surrounding 9/11 and smear members of the 9/11 truth movement.

Wikipedia also did nothing to prevent government agencies and large corporations literally craft their own reality by altering unfavorable information about themselves.

Digg was embroiled in a controversy last year when it emerged that a "bury brigade" had been afforded privileges over and above normal users to aggressively dictate content on the Digg website, including censoring Ron Paul stories - a ploy that completely contradicts Digg's claim that it is a "digital democracy".

Under these circumstances, for to claim that alternative news content is being gamed is completely hypocritical.

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---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- is ranked at 2,334 by Alexa, putting it well behind Digg in popularity but still bigger than most news websites. As its website states, is part of the AOL Network owned and operated by AOL LLC, a Time-Warner company. banned all Prison Planet material in late 2006 but were forced to withdraw the ban after an outcry.

AOL-Time Warner has previously shut down access to our websites for their Internet subscribers on a whim, claiming they were "hate material" but in most cases quickly restored them after receiving complaints.

We are encouraging readers to e mail's Director Tom Drapeau at and politely remind him that censorship of a legitimate alternative news website that outranks most medium-sized newspapers in traffic is not a sensible policy.

In addition, if "inflammatory" news articles about September 11th are so offensive then why do the majority of Americans doubt the official 9/11 story?

Of course, it's far likelier that our articles about 9/11 are offensive not to the majority of's readers, but to the corporate behemoth that is AOL-Time Warner.


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