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In Your Face: General Tommy Franks Talks About Martial Law, His Premonition about Sept 11th Before It Happened

Fox News | August 5 2004

As revealed on The Alex Jones Show, Franks did talk about martial law (again) on Hannity and Colmes yesterday.

We received this email (and many others like it) from a listener that covers what Franks talked about on the show and how you can access the video of the interview:

Hey alex i did see that program last night. Not only
did he talk about martial law and movies like the
Siege showing military men fighting "terrorists" on US
soil. he also said at the very beginning get this that
he feared that there would be a terrible terrorist
attack on the world trade center. that's the only
thing that(supposedly)kept him up at night. He said
that he told a sergeant this 4 days before 9/11! once
again this is their way of letting us know they were
behind the attacks. They just love throwing it in our
face that they magically knew there was gonna be an
attack on the WTC but somehow they just couldn't stop
it. just like how rumsfeld was in a meeting on 9/11
discussing terrorism and the imminent threat of one
and coincidentally a terrorist attack happens. you're in
luck though alex see for yourself what this slimeball
had to say!,2933,128010,00.html

Don't forget, in a December 2003 interview in Cigar Aficionado Magazine, Franks openly disclosed that martial law would replace the Constitution after the next terror attack. Frank's sustained open discussion of martial law compiled with the current state of alert (based on years-old intelligence) have terrifying implications.


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