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Weathermen Terror Group Back to Wreak Havoc at RNC

New York Post | August 23 2004

Readers comment: The Post stupidly gives away the Bush game plan. If these people were indeed recently released for the express purpose of assuming leadership of the "anarchist" (government paid agent provocateurs) descending upon the GOP Convention who else but the Justice Dept could have authorized this action. Anyone who has been incarcerated for over 30 years must have been paroled on a capitol offense.

If this story has any merit, it's the Post after all, the Bushies are releasing killers to wreak a Kent State style massacre that the dutiful "Free Press" will blame on the "Anarchists". Rove is following the gameplan of his protege, Nixon Dirty Trickster Donald Segretti, to the tee. I guess theyll say Terese Heinz Kerry is behind it all.

A number of extremists with ties to the 1970s radical Weather Underground have recently been released from prison and are in New York preparing to wreak havoc during the Republican National Convention, The Post has learned.

A top-level source with extensive knowledge of police plans wouldn't disclose the names of the aging rabble-rousers but said a handful of them are already here and will play a behind-the-scenes role in attempting to disrupt the GOP gala.

"These people are trained in kidnapping techniques, bombmaking and building improvised munitions," the source said. "They've very bad people."

"They're not likely to take direct action," the source continued, "but they'll be orchestrating operations."

Originally called "The Weathermen," the anarchist organization came into existence in June 1969 as a radical splinter group of the Students for a Democratic Society.

During a two-year stretch, the group bombed a number of high-profile government buildings, primarily to protest the Vietnam War and racism in America.

While the group has been largely unheard from for more than 30 years, the release "over the last two years" of anarchists tied to the Underground — and their apparent willingness to return to their old ways — has the NYPD tracking their every move.

NYPD operatives spotted a few of the fanatics in Boston for the Democratic convention, but they are "saving themselves" for New York, the source said.

Despite the addition of the older anti-government zealots to the frightening possibility of Islamic militants and other domestic terrorists and anarchists — the source is confident the NYPD can keep the peace as the convention kicks off next week.

"This is the Super Bowl of police actions, and we're ready for it," the source said.

To prepare for any possible violent incident, the NYPD is employing aggressive airborne surveillance and elaborate undercover operations.

"There will be a constant eye in the sky," the source said, declining to give specifics, but adding that it "won't just be helicopters."

The NYPD is also tracking five extremist groups, according to a manual obtained by The Post titled "Executive Resource Handbook on Radical Groups."

Among the groups mentioned are the Earth Liberation Front, Refuse & Resist, and International A.N.S.W.E.R. (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism).


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