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Global Flu Pandemic: Medical Martial Law

Jon Rappoport | August 25 2004

AP is reporting on massive preparations for a global flu pandemic.


Based on what?

SARS? Which involved, what, 1000 cases world-wide, none of which were proven to be anything more than traditional lung infections plus rampant diarrhea at the Amoy Gardens apartment complex in Hong Kong---where the toilet pipes were leaking and spreading fecal matter.


But when you read the AP piece below, you'll see, of course, that the real issue is obtaining KONTROL over populations and viciously curtailing basic rights like assembly and free speech.


I predicted it in 1988.

This is the drip method----fear whipped up here and there over West Nile and avian flu and SARS and so each step of the way conditioning the populace to accept mandated drugs and vaccines and quarantines and government force, if necessary---you know, TO PROTECT US ALL.

The CDC is working their PR angles at the moment. We can soon expect WHO to chirp in and offer their sober analysis.

This is operant conditioning, and it has nothing to do with germs.


There is no global flu threat.


It's all bullshit of the purest ray serene.

You can count on one thing. Whatever drugs they use, whatever they spray to kill the birds or the mosquitoes or the flying fish, it'll be toxic. It'll CAUSE some of the symptoms they claim are PART OF THE DISEASE.

Here's the AP piece. My comments are in caps and brackets.

U.S. Prepares for Possible Flu OutbreakClosing Schools, Rationing Medicine May Be Needed if New Flu Strain Sparks Outbreak, U.S. Says


WASHINGTON Aug. 25, 2004 — Closing schools, restricting travel and rationing scarce medications may be the nation's first protections if a powerful new flu strain spurs a worldwide outbreak because it will take months to brew a vaccine, say government preparations for the next pandemic. Specialists say it's only a matter of time before the next one strikes, and concern is rising that the recurring bird flu in Asia could be the trigger if it mutates in a way that lets it spread easily among people. [ONLY A MATTER OF TIME...LIKE THE SUN BURNING OUT...SO LET'S LAY ON TRAVEL BANS...]

There have been three flu pandemics in the last century, the worst in 1918, which killed more than half a million Americans and 20 million people worldwide.It's impossible to predict the toll of the next one. But estimates suggest a bad one could kill up to 207,000 Americans, says the nation's new response plan, obtained Wednesday by The Associated Press. [NEW RESPONSE PLAN---LET'S TELL EVERYONE THE SKY COULD FALL AND GO UP TO THE HILL FOR MORE MONEY]

That's almost six times more lives than regular flu claims every year. Millions of sick patients could swarm doctors' offices and hospitals, and the country could suffer an economic and social wallop from disruption of transportation, commerce, even routine public safety. [MILLIONS OF SICK PATIENTS SWARMING OFFICES---PAINT THOSE PICTURES, BABY] [PUBLIC SAFETY COULD DISINTEGRATE---CALL OUT THE TROOPS]

The Pandemic Influenza Response and Preparedness Plan, to be released Thursday by the Department of Health and Human Services, stresses ways to speed up vaccine production, limit the spread of such a super-flu, and care for the ill.It's just a first draft, open for public comment through October as the government struggles to decide exactly how to respond to the earliest signs of a pandemic. [THE ACRONYM FOR THE PLAN IS PIRRP---as in perp---PERFECT] [WHIP UP SUDDEN NEED FOR MORE VACCINES---DRUG COMPANY PAYOFFS] [EARLIEST SIGNS OF PANDEMIC---THREE PEOPLE SNIFFLING IN DES MOINES]

"We recognize that we need more treatments and we need more vaccine capability," Dr. Julie Gerberding, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said in an interview."But it's also important to remember good, old-fashioned isolation and quarantine have a special role to play in any pandemic," she said. [LOVE THAT GOOD OLD QUARANTINE---I REMEMBER IT LIKE COCA COLA ON A HOT SUMMER DAY WHEN I WAS A KID---WE ALL RECALL GOOD OLD QUARANTINE, DON'T WE? NO?]

"One of the things we have to do now, before we're in the middle of this situation, is do our very best to make sure people understand what would be the first steps, why they'd be necessary, and what they can do to minimize the disruption." [ACHTUNG...GIVE OUT ORDERS TO THE SHEEP]

Among the preparations:The CDC is increasing surveillance so it can spot dangerous flu strains as soon as they emerge anywhere in the world, offering early warnings.It now takes six to eight months to develop a new vaccine against the slightly different flu strains that circulate every winter. A pandemic strain would be genetically very different. Government scientists plan to create "seed viruses" as potential vaccine candidates in hopes of speeding production. And HHS is working with manufacturers to ensure fast access to supplies including the chicken eggs that flu vaccine is grown in so production could start at a moment's notice. [CREATE LOTS OF VIRUSES---RUB THEM ALL OVER YOUR BODY]

Four drugs can treat the flu if given soon after symptoms begin, and decrease chances of catching it. U.S. supplies of the two considered top pandemic candidates, Tamiflu and Relenza, are limited, but HHS began stockpiling some Tamiflu last year. [GOOGLE THESE DRUG NAMES AND SEARCH FOR THE ADVERSE EFFECTS---ALSO SEE SPRINKLED COMMENTS THAT THERE ARE NO USEFUL DRUGS FOR VIRUSES]

HHS is increasing pressure on states to prepare their own plans for dealing with pandemic flu this year, including how to free up enough hospital beds to handle the sickest patients. Last year, only about a quarter of state health departments had such plans. [KICK OUT THE ELDERLY PATIENTS]

Travel restrictions like those implemented during last year's SARS crisis in Asia and Canada, closing schools and restricting public gatherings, even quarantine may be necessary to limit the spread of infection, depending on where a pandemic begins and how virulent it seems.The government is seeking input from hospitals and state health departments as it develops the plans.Indeed, HHS is asking some big questions, such as whether the federal government should control all supplies of a pandemic flu vaccine to ensure the people who need it most get it. [OF COURSE THE FEDS WANT TO CONTROL ALL THE VACCINES]

Recent shortages of regular flu vaccine led to price hikes and other practices that limited access by the elderly and other particularly at-risk patients.Similarly, the government is considering rationing anti-flu drugs before a vaccine is produced, debating if doctors, nurses, police and other groups should get first doses along with the most frail patients. [YEAH, THIS WILL BE THE KERNEL OF THE "DEBATE"---WHO SHOULD GET THE VACCINES---COVER STORY, DIVERSION---CREATE THE IDEA OF DRUG AND VACCINE SCARCITY AND PEOPLE WILL KILL EACH OTHER TO GET THEM---"IT'S SCARCE? I WANT IT."]

end of AP article

It's a love fest. Climb on the bandwagon, blow your horns, the medical armies are coming. The dream team.

Addendum. In the AP piece, it is stated that the wire service OBTAINED a copy of the soon-to-be-released government preparedness report. The implication is, there was some actual work involved in getting that report. Perhaps it was leaked.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The CDC/HHS WANTS the advance pub. They sought it out. They're promoting their little asses off. This is a PR push.


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