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Fears of a cover-up in double plane crash Russia
Some believe government behind attacks

Pro Find Pages | August 26 2004

Following the double air crash in Russia, which has killed 89 people, investigators in Moscow continue to examine the flight recorders from both planes.

However, officials are indicating that the flight recorders may not help to reveal the cause of the crashes, that mysteriously happened within minutes of each other. Whilst pilot error or faults on the planes could be responsible, the odds are against this theory.

The owners of the Tu-154, Sibir Airlines, said that a hijack alert had been triggered before the crash and other reports from witnesses also seem to back up the belief that terrorists may have been involved.

An anonymous source, believed to be connected with Russian security forces, has hinted that the government would prefer that the public see this as anything other than a terrorist act.

The Russian authorities are famous for using information in a way that provides them with the most benefit. The government were willing to publicize early suicide bombings and acts of terrorism (prior to the Russian election), because this helped to sell the war in Chechnya (Bush uses the same tactics). Many have suggested that the government may actually be behind some of these attacks and one man was imprisoned recently for trying to prove this in court.

But to admit that Chechen terrorists might be behind the plane crashes, just before the election in Chechnya for a new President, would indicate that the Russian government is not in control of the situation and are unable to protect their citizens as well as they would like them to believe.

Unfortunately, the Kremlin run the show in Russia and any damaging information (if it exists) will easily be swept under the carpet! As we have seen in the past with the Nord Ost tragedy, the sunken submarine, apartment bombings and many other events, the Kremlin are able to offer any excuse they wish. It may not be very believable, but what do they care? They are in control and no one is in any position to challenge what they say.

As for the cause of the two crashed planes and deaths of 89 people, we may never find out the truth. Any enquiry will last long enough for the memory of this terrible event to be replaced by another. But this is the way things are done in Russia and how they were in Soviet times. The Russian government is like a doctor who decides what is best for you, only in this country you can't have a second opinion!


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