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General Frank Kitson: Trail Blazing Fake Terrorism

Kurt Nimmo | August 3 2005

Ian Buckley, in an article appearing on the Truth Seeker website, makes mention of General Frank Kitson, a British officer “who first thought up the concept that was later used in the formation of Al Qaeda. He called it the ‘pseudo gang’—a state sponsored group used to advance an agenda, while discrediting the real opposition. The strategy was used in both Kenya and Northern Ireland. In the case of Northern Ireland, most of the violence that was attributed to ‘Loyalists’ was in actuality not their handiwork, but the result of the activities of the death squads affiliated to the British secret state.” A couple months ago on this blog, I detailed the use of the “pseudo gang” concept in Malaya (against the Malayan Peoples Anti British army led by the Communist leader Chin Peng) and Kenya (against the Mau Mau) and also General Edward Geary Lansdale’s use of psychological warfare in the Philippines and Vietnam.

The Rhodesians also used the “pseudo gang” concept to bomb churches (and murder missionaries) and blame the violence on “communist atheists” or Patriotic Front guerrillas fighting for national determination against the racist government. “The Rhodesians had extensive experience in counter-insurgency doctrine dating back to 1956 when British Commonwealth forces in Malaya had included the Rhodesian African Rifles, and the Rhodesians had also modeled their ‘pseudo gangs’ along the lines of the British counter-insurgency strategy during the 1950s Mau Mau uprising in Kenya,” writes Stan Winer. In addition, South Africa staged violent “black-on-black” incidents, using “Soviet-made AK-47 rifles and Makarov pistols to create the impression that ANC ‘terrorists’ were responsible, and police reports always blamed the ANC.” The South African police “diverted taxpayers’ money to a police-run strategic deception unit called Stratcom,” Winer explains. “Jailed security police death-squad commander Colonel Eugene de Kock later admitted in court that his own involvement in Stratcom during the 1980s included clandestine attacks on white people, where were falsely attributed to black people, in order to provoke a right-wing backlash.”

It is precisely this sort of “backlash” the Anglo-American fake terror effort is designed to provoke against Muslims and Arabs, as per the neocon plan to wage a Thirty Years’ War (or longer) against Islamic societies. It should be noted the original Thirty Years’ War (1618-1648) had a distinct religious coloration, although the central motive was entirely political—the self-preservation of the Habsburg dynasty.

In much the same way, the “clash of civilizations” crew (the current predominant clique is distinctly of the Straussian-Machiavellian stripe) currently in control of the Anglo-American globalist empire desire to preserve and expand their hold on much of the world (especially the oil and resource rich Middle East and East Asia) and a faux schism or conflict between western and eastern civilization fits the ticket. General Frank Kitson simply paved the way as an innovator of techniques for the current round of dirty and murderous covert tricks carried out by moles and patsies under the guise of Islamic terrorism. Islam is a near perfect manufactured enemy due to the lingering xenophobic and cultural legacy of the Crusades and the widely held western fear and mistrust of the “Saracen” hordes who want nothing more than to install a world-wide caliphate (Islamic leader), as we are now told incessantly, most recently in the wake of the patsy bombings and non-bombings in London.

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