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Final push to stop the nukes of August

Total Information Analysis | August 16 2005

With coverage all over the Internet and in other media from Coast to Coast AM to the Charleston Post and Courier, there's a good chance that if any nuclear drills in August were scheduled to "go live," the idea has been shelved by now.

However, there is no underestimating the mania of the New World Order when it's cornered. A final push should be made Tuesday to make sure that as many people as possible know, and know that Americans know, that there is a real danger a nuclear terror drill could "go live" as soons as Wednesday, August 17.

What everyone should do is read "Key General fired as nuke terror drill set for Aug 17" and all the pages linked from that item as well. With that sufficient background, folks should call the following places and somewhat calmly, yet urgently, state that on both 9/11 and 7/7, "drills" mimicking the actual attacks were ongoing, which enabled an actual attack to "go live" amidst the confusion. Tell whoever you're talking to that they should be aware another "inside job" is possible, particularly with the strange firing of Rumsfeld opponent Gen. Byrnes earlier this month.

Now, all this may be going overboard, but better safe than sorry. So consider calling the following people Tuesday, August 16:

Your Congressman and Senators. All are home for recess right now, so try their local offices. The switchboard for their offices in the Capitol are (202) 224-3121.

White House: 202-456-2421

FEMA Region IV (Atlanta): 770-220-5200, (770) 220-5224, and (770) 220-5225.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution -- ask if they're looking into the local FEMA office's role: 404-526-5342 or 1-800-756-2489

South Carolina Emergency Management Division: 803-737-8500

Charleston Post-Courier 843-937-5561

Charleston television: WCBD 2 -- 1-843-884-2288 ; WCIV 4 -- (843) 723-4403 ; WCSC 5 (843) 402-5555

North Carolina Emergency Management (919)733-3825 ("Mid-August" terror dril schedulded over several days)

Joint Task Force Civil Support at Ft. Monroe at 757-788-6259

United States Marine Corps' Chemical Biological Incident Response Force: (301)744-2038 ; (301)744-2027 ; (301)744-2069

NORTHCOMM: 719-554-4652

Pentagon: 703/545-6700

C-SPAN Washington Journal: 202-624-1111; 202-624-1115; 202-737-6734

Lush Limbaugh: 1-800-282-2882

Any radio talk show, no matter what political persuasion. Air America's number is 1-866-303-2270

Local print media -- ask them why they aren't running a story on this.

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