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New nuke-terror general was point man in Abu Gharib cover-up

Total Information Analysis | August 16 2005

Gen. Anthony R. Jones, who has taken over for the suddenly-fired general about to oversee a major nuclear terror exercise off the Atlantic coast, was a key figure in covering up the extent of the abuse by the U.S. military at Abu Gharib prison in Iraq. Jones was inserted into the middle of an ongoing investigation to make sure that no one above one Army unit was found guilty.

SourceWatch August 25, 2004:
"Generals George R. Fay and Anthony R. Jones release a final report describing the findings of their combined investigation of the abuses committed by US soldiers against detainees being held at Abu Ghraib. The investigation was initially ordered by Lt. Gen. Ricardo S. Sanchez, commander of CJTF-7, who charged Fay with determining whether the 205th Military Intelligence Brigade 'requested, encouraged, condoned, or solicited Military Police (MP) personnel to abuse detainees and whether MI [military intelligence] personnel comported with established interrogation procedures and applicable laws and regulations.' Lt. Gen. Anthony R. Jones joined the investigation in June [2004] and was instructed to determine if 'organizations or personnel higher' than the 205th Military Intelligence Brigade chain of command were involved in the Abu Ghraib abuses." [LINK]

"Jones portrays the abuse as being only coincidentally linked to interrogations. 'Most, though not all, of the violent or sexual abuses occurred separately from scheduled interrogations and did not focus on persons held for intelligence purposes.' ..."

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